Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No one ever drowned in their own sweat

So, I'm in a mood. You know. One of THOSE moods. Where everything and everyone just drives you crazy for no good reason. Just someone's voice wants to make you scream in annoyance. Yeah, one of those. For no reason at all. AWESOME. So, I'm sure I'm just a peach to be around today. Luckily, the Hubs and I are supposed to go for $2 burger and fries after work. I say supposed to because I just got an email from him saying he has a conference call at 4pm and not sure if he can still make it. BOO! That news has made me an even bigger barrel of sunshine and rainbows. But, let's ignore my bratty mood and go back to happier times...

Friday (sorry for the delay. I'm a bad blooger!), pretty much blew. Sorry for the not-so-nice language, but it is what it is. I got my long run in by getting 6 of the hottest, sweatiest miles of my life in outside during lunch. Then, I wrapped it up with 11 more miles on the indoor track after work. 11 of the most BORING miles of my life. Let me tell you-- 11 miles on a 200m track SUCK. SUCK, SUCK, SUCK. Beyond suck. I was beyond bored and crabby and had to keep promising myself "just one more lap, then you can quit!" basically the entire run. NOT FUN. The lunch 6 were in 10:20s and the track 11 were in 10:00s. Whatever. I got them in and of course felt better after they were all done. I got home about 7:30pm from the brain-numbing run, scarfed down a little food faster than I knew I could, and was PASSED OUT by 9. I'm a party animal.

Saturday the Hubs and I went to the Taste of Chicago with my parents-in-law, brother-in-law, and cousins-in-law (& their super cute 4 year old). We left for Chicago Saturday morning after I got in a sweaty 7:30am Signature Strength class. A 6:45am Saturday alarm clock sucks, but it was worth it to get a workout in before the non-stop eating.

To say the Taste it was a good time with good company and good food would be an understatement. I had a blast! We tried almost every (for serious!) booth, splitting little "taster" portions between several members of our entourage. Below are just a SMALL few pics of some of the food. SO, SO, SOOO good!!!

Again, SOOO good!!! Obviously, there was LOTS and LOTS of food (in the pic clockwise from top left: curry fries, the Hubs eating a Brazilian sausage, African chicken and rice, & toasted ravioli) yet someone-- I was still hungry all day. I think running late Friday night and then the light dinner (b/c my tummy was still post-run-not-happy) left me with a calorie deficit that I just couldn't catch up from Saturday. Oh, I'm SURE number wise, I was MORE than caught up... but, I just could not get full. It was one of those ENDLESS hunger days. Oh well. At least I was at a place with LOTS of yummy food!

After the Taste we all stayed with Matt's cousin. It was a fun filled nights with more food, some beers, and lots of laughter.

Sunday started with a quick 2 mile run with my FIL.
Thanks for the pic, FIL! :)
I LOVE running with him! We chatted the whole time and despite crazy hot temps, it flew by. Sunday was supposed to be my rest day, but it was beyond worth it to get just a quick run in with him. Running with fam trumps running alone any day. It also trumps resting. I mean-- duh.

After a quick shower and breakfast, we peaced out around 11am and made it back home in time to grab a late, late lunch, grocery shop, and do some mega apartment packing. We start moving this SATURDAY!!

Oh! And, on the drive home I saw this sign on the side of a road and had to snap a shot:
It says "No one ever drowned in their own sweat". I love it! The Hubs thought I was crazy. I think it's hysterical and SO TRUE.

Anyway-- it was a great, but exhausting, weekend. Monday the 5am alarm went off WAY too early. But, I dragged my tired booty outta bed and made it to 5:30 spinning and then did 2 miles on the TM. I did 4 more miles at lunch. After work the Hubs asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I REALLY didn't want to go and these temps did not help the Hubs case.
94 degrees at 7pm?? Ewwwwww. But, I went. I always ask him to go for walks with me and he goes even when he doesn't want to, so I decided to suck it up. Plus, there was a promise of the worlds biggest fro yo cup. I was in. We did just over 4 miles.

And, there was fro yo. A HUGE cup of SF-vanilla fro yo with Resses (my signature). BUUUUUT- it led to a SAD, SAD moment for me. Brace yourself. Ready? I couldn't finish it all. GASP! I KNOW! This has legit NEVER happened before. It was just too much... sugar? dairy? chocolate? candy? something. I think the heat messed up my tummy and I just couldn't take it. It was a SAD moment. I didn't get a photo because it's definitely not a moment to remember. It was a shameful moment. So, let's not talk about it every again, ok? Great.

Today, as I said-- I'm crabby. No clue why. It is what it is. I went to Signature Strength this morning and then did 2.5 speedy (20:45) miles on the TM. I felt great! Someone that great feeling faded crazy fast and it's been crabass ever since. Not even 5 miles on the indoor track at lunch could pull me out. Boo. At least I admit it when I'm crabby.


  1. That sign is hilarious and it sounds very fitting for the crazy heat you have had this summer. I have never been to a "taste of" event, but they sound like a lot of fun. I bet that I would massively over eat. I don't think I have never not finished fro yo before. Are you sure you were feeling okay???!!!!

    1. LOL! I was definitely NOT OK that day! CLEARLY!! I don't know what was wrong with me. I'll try to redeam myself this weekend. :)