Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap: Week 5

“Think positive. You are a special person. Reward yourself with self-praise as you acheive each interim goal en route to the marathon"
~Hal Higdon

Weekly Workout Recap (6/25-7/1)- Marathon Training Week 5:
(reminder: actual in red, plan in blue)
Monday (6/18): Spinning & 2 miles & 4 miles & 20 min. elliptical {Spinning & 4 miles}
Tuesday (6/19): Signature Strengh & 4 miles {Signature Strength & 4 miles}
Wednesday (6/20): Spinning & 2 Sand Volleyball Games {Spinning}
Thursday (6/21): 7 miles & Spinning {6 miles}
Friday (6/22): 60 min. ellipitical {Rest}
Saturday (6/23): 13 mile run & 8 mile walk {13 mile LR}
Sunday (6/24): Spinning {Cross Train- 60 min.}

Totals for Week 5:
30 Miles Run {27 Miles}
4 Spinning Classes {2 Spinning Classes}
1 Signature Strength Class {1 Signature Strength Class}
80 Minutes on Elliptical {60 min. Cross Train}
2 Sand Volleyball Games {None on plan}
8 Miles Walked {None on plan}
0 Rest Days {1 Rest Day}

Week 5 of 19, in the books! 14 weeks to go!
This week was OK. I started the week off feeling MUCH better and stronger than the last week. I really do think keeping long runs on Saturday makes all the difference. I actually stuck ALMOST to the plan this week too. Ok... I actually stuck MORE to the plan this week. Baby steps, right? Interesting that my last THREE week milage totals have been decreasing (33.75, 32.75, 30)... not considerably, but still. They were all OVER the planned miles though, so I'm not too worried.

This coming week my mid-week runs step up a mile each, so I except to slowly start "just" following the plan more and more and simply not having the time or energy to do much more. We'll see.
How I felt...
Body- SORE after Tuesday's Sig Strength class... but, other than that OK. No shin pain, despite doing most runs inside. No DANGER-ZONE aches or pains. Just muscle soreness.
Enegry Level- Not bad. Started strong and definitely faded as the week went. By Saturday night I felt hard core drained and dead to the world.
Hunger- OMG. That whole marathon-hunger stuff everyone talks about... LEGIT. I am hungry all. the. time. I'm really working on keeping food in check because I would just eaaaaaaat all day long if I didn't intentionally think about it.  
Mental- So-so. It was a rough week for some personal reasons, so I was crabbier than normal. I'm generally a pretty happy person with little to complain about... but, this week I was beyond complainy. Hopefully that's just because of some external factors and will go away as the issues have resolve.d
Other- I'd really like to work on cutting my diet coke/pepsi intake down... it's HARD. I love the taste and the caffeine is definitely a noteable plus. But, drinking 3-4 a day is NOT ok. I know that. My goal for the next week or two is to try to intentionally THINK before I have one about WHY I'm choosing it over water. I'll keep you posted.

This coming week will be all kinds of wacked out. I have Wednesday off for the 4th of July and have plans all day Saturday and Sunday, so I know I'll take 2 back to back rest days (which is why I didn't take a rest day this past week... it all balances out, right?). I'm still trying to figure out everything and how to get the workouts in... we'll see.

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