Friday, July 27, 2012

Bad Night

Last night the Hubs and I went back to our new house to continue cleaning. Again. For the third night in a row. Ugh. Whatever. It's clean now. We literally scrubbed every wall, floor, blind, window... pretty much everything in that whole house. I feel a million times better about the cleanliness about the house now, even if it doesn't LOOK all that different. Whatever.

Anyway- after 2 hours of scrubbing, we get ready to leave. We go to set the alarm for the first time and, of course, somehow set the stupid thing off. We punch in the code our landlord gave us again and again and again and nothing happens. We call the alarm company and try to tell them it's false alarm by giving them the code. Turns out, it's the wrong code. Of course. So, they and we try to call our landlord. Oh-- yeaaaah-- that's right-- they're in EUROPE on VACATION. Of course they are. So, the alarm company can't turn off the stupid alarm because we don't have the right info, so they can't ensure we're not crazy burglars. OF COURSE. 

Ugh. So, the police come out and we have to show them our lease (which thank GOODNESS the Hubs happened to have) to prove we weren't random thieves. Great. They approved us or whatever so the alarm company would silence the alarm, but couldn't turn it off-off because we still didn't have the code and no one could get a hold of our Realtor, despite us calling the 24-HOUR EMERGENCY NUMBER. Tell me, what's more of an emergency? And, what exactly does 24-hour mean???
Well, our landlord FINALLY called us back at MIDNIGHT. They were actually really nice and apologetic. They never gave us the security WORD/PHRASE that clears things, which we now have. Turns out their entire family is in Italy for their son's wedding, the first grandchild, big deal kinda shin-dig. It's a family-run company and right now, because it's between school years and almost all their tenants are students, they don't have many tenants so they all went to Italy, which is why the 24-hour number didn't pick up. 

So, after far too long on the phone at midnight where they kept asking me ALL these questions I had NO answer for and that I had NO idea what they were freaking talking about, I finally got a LITTLE sleep. Oh yeah, didn't help that the power went out all over our city at 9pm from a crazy strong storm. No power + all our flashlights and candles packed away and at our new house = NO LIGHTS. Luckily, it was already 9, so I could deal because I just got into bed, but then tossed and turned because no power means no A/C and it was HOT.

THEN, this morning I went back over to our new house before work to enter in this stupid code to the panel to turn off the stupid alarm because the stupid company couldn't remote turn it off (WHYYYY NOT?!?!?! STUPID!). STUPID. Did I mention this was all STUPID? Even MORE stupid-- IT STILL DIDN'T WORK. Of course it didn't. I mean, of COURSE. Why would I have expected that it would?!?! NOTHING WITH THIS HOUSE IS WORKING (clearly I'm not a drama queen and not exaggerating at ALL).

So, I call the stupid alarm company AGAIN. They, AGAIN, can't help because apparently now they think it's a panel/system malfunction. So, I have to call their corporate office when they open. So I do. Turns out--- THE PANEL WAS NEVER PROGRAMED WITH A CODE. So the code the landlord gave us? Great. It was never programmed into the panel, which is why it didn't work to turn the stupid thing off. Freaking fabulous. Just the icing on the cake.

So, now, FINALLY, the alarm is deactivated and off and we can finish moving without hourly visits from the cops. Cherry on the icing on the cake? The Hubs thinks we're going to be billed for the cops visit. HELL NO. I will freaking pitch a fit. No way am I paying for that. Not a freaking chance. I'll LOSE it. So, that's TBD, I suppose. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Ok, ok. I know I'm being melodramatic. As the Hubs says, nothing ever goes completely smoothly, especially when moving. I'm a perfectionist and that is HARD for me. I know it'll all work out. I know I'm being the world's biggest baby and drama queen. OK. Life's really not that bad. If this was the worst thing that ever happened to me, I'd be in pretty good shape. Hell, if this was the worst thing that happened to me this month, I'll call that a win. I'm ready to stop bitching, finish the move, and move on.

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  1. OMG- what a freaking disaster! I would be uber pissed if I had to go through that. If it helps, I have never heard of anyone getting billed for cops coming out. Worst case your landlord would get a bill from the alarm company and they should be responsible for it. I used to work at 911 as an operator and we could get those calls all the time from alarm companies. Most of the time (this is scary) the cops wouldn't even go out to the house to check on the alarm! My hubby talked about getting an alarm for our house, but after being at 911 I told him it was a waste of $$$$.