Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (7/9-7/15)-Marathon Training Week 7

"The best way to become a mentally tough runner is to believe you're a mentally tough runner."
-Ryan Hall

Weekly Workout Recap (7/9-7/15)- Marathon Training Week 7:
(reminder: actual in red, plan in blue)
Monday (7/9): Spinning & 4 miles & 15 min. elliptical  {Spinning & 4 miles}
Tuesday (7/10):  45 minutes elliptical & 4.35 mile walk {Signature Strength}
Wednesday (7/11):  Spinning & 7 miles {Spinning & 4 miles}
Thursday (7/12): 8 miles & 30 min. elliptical   {7 miles}
Friday (7/13): 16 mile LR (split into 6 mi & 10 mi) {Rest}
Saturday (7/14): Signature Strength & 2 mile walk {14 mile LR}
Sunday (7/15): 2 miles {Cross Train- 60 min.}

Totals for Week 7:
37 Miles Run {30 Miles}
2 Spinning Classes {2 Spinning Classes}
1 Signature Strength Class {1 Signature Strength Class}
90 Minutes on Elliptical {30 min. Cross Train}
6.35 Miles Walked {None on plan}
1/2 Rest Days (I'm not counting Sunday as a total rest day, but not a total non-rest day either) {1 Rest Day}

Week 7 of 19, DONE and DONE! 12 weeks to go!

 How I felt...
Body- Phew! By Sunday I was TIRED and S-O-R-E. I was OK most of the week til about Thursday. Knowing I had to do a long run without a rest day the day before was mentally hard, which made things physically harder, I think.
Energy Level- I was exhausted Sunday after a busy, busy weekend. Woke up this morning still tired and just drained. Hard (and hate!) to start a Monday and a new week off so tired, but hopefully I'll be able to power through.
Hunger- OMG. Saturday I was beyond hungry. Like, no matter how much I ate there was a constant grumble and a legit hunger pain in my tummy. I think doing the LR on a Friday really messed that up, since I didn't eat a ton post-run which left a BIG calorie deficit for Friday that just couldn't be satisfied Saturday.  
Mental- So-so. Definitely starting to feel like this shit is REAL. Being in Chicago this weekend really made me get excited. I couldn't help but think about how f-ing awesome it's going to be to be RUNNING A FREAKING MARATHON right there in a few weeks. Crazy!!
Other- We're moving over the next 2 weeks, which is an added level of stress, time commitment, and physical activity. I might adjust some workouts accordingly. We'll see.


  1. I love your "mental" comment about the shit starting to feel real. Funny, but true at the same time. :-)
    Good luck moving- that is never fun, but hopefully your move isn't too stressful.

    1. The shit IS starting to get real! Crazy!!!!

  2. Wow- great training week! That is tough to do the long run without a rest day leading up to it- way to go!
    Good luck with the move, and don't stress if you have to skip or lessen a couple workouts.

    1. Aw! Thanks! Good luck with your training! :)

  3. I love that quote! I have been struggling with my marathon training right now and I think that quote will do it for me! Great job on your training thus far! Can't wait to keep reading about it.

    1. Me too!!! It's a keeper quote for sure. Sometimes when I'm feeling mentally BLEH during a run I try to remind myself that's it really is ALL just in my head. Sometimes it works, most the time it doesn't. But hey, what can ya do?!?! Just keep pushing! :) Good luck with your training!!!!Btw, I totally watch Teen Mom sometimes on the TM too. Hey-- it's mind numbly entertaining!! No shame here!