Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes, things happen

Hey, sometimes life, shit, it happens. Whatever you wanna call it, things just happen sometimes. Situations gets the best of us. We make bad choices. We get lazy. We have a bad day. Whatever the cause or reason, sometimes things just happen. No one is perfect. It is what it is. And, you know what? It’s OK. It happens. As long as it only happens sometimes and not ALL the time, where’s the harm?

I’ll admit it…

Sometimes I have a craptastic day and take it out on the Hubs. And then I yell at him and say HE’S being crabby. Poor guy. (To be fair, I almost always apologize the next day.) 
Clearly this pic has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that it is in fact of the Hubs and, hey-- that's me!
Sometimes I forget to shower. Ok, not forget. Refuse.

Sometimes I tell the Hubs I can’t do the dishes because I just painted my nails. Even though they’ve already chipped. (Shh!! Don’t tell him!!)
Yes, we do have a dishwasher. We only use it like once a month because I'm a freak and would rather just DO THE DISHES right then. My husband really is such a lucky guy.

Sometimes I do NOT want to workout, but do it anyway because I feel guilty. I’m working on it.

Sometimes I forget to call or text people back... especially if they text or call me while I'm asleep.

Sometimes I pack a lunch, bring it to work, and then refuse to eat it and go out for a crappy (but yummy) lunch instead.

Sometimes, even though the weather is PERFECT, I just do not want to run outside... or at all.
Sun shining? Check. Temps in 60s? Check. Slight breeze, but not crazy winds? Check. I DON'T CARE, I JUST DON'T WANT TO RUN TODAY!!

Sometimes, I don't see the Hubs all day. I get up before he does and sometimes I fall asleep before he gets home if he has to work late. It doesn't happen often, but it really sucks when it does.

Sometimes, I eat just air popped popcorn for dinner.

Sometimes, I eat the fortune cookie, even though I don't like them, just to increase the chances the fortune'll come true.

Sometimes I buy $5498 fancy coffee drinks even though I know the free coffee at the office is almost just as good and 100% free.
Oh Starbucks... if only you didn't cost more than my rent.

Sometimes I don’t drink any water all day, but somehow always manage to drink at least one diet pepsi. 
Again, this pic is pretty unrealted... other than that it's of me on a cruise I went on in 2008 which didn't have free diet pepsi. This is me SO EXCITED when we ported in Puerto Rico and I could FINALLY get a diet pepsi.

Sometimes I really stop to think about just how lucky I am to have the friends and family I have, to be able to run, to have food and water, to have a roof over my head, to have a job I enjoy... to just be grateful. And, sometimes I'm an annoying brat who moans and complains. It happens. It's all about balance, right?!?!?

Sometimes shit happens. Sometimes we make bad choices. Sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't. Sometimes we let life get the better of us. More often, we don't. Cut yourself some slack. Sometimes isn't all the time and I'm gonna count that as a win. 


  1. Balance is important. Sometimes you just have to be yourself that is why we are all unique individuals. :-)

  2. you are hilarious. use your dishwasher. also, really perfect weather is a good excuse to sit outside and do nothing. not run. silly meagan!