Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (7/23-7/29)- Marathon Training Week 9

"Relish the bad training runs. Without them it's difficult to recognize, much less appreciate, the good ones." -Pat Teske

Weekly Workout Recap (7/23-7/29)- Marathon Training Week 9:
(reminder: actual in red, plan in blue)
Monday (7/23): 6 miles & 4.15 mile walk {Spinning & 5 miles}
Tuesday (7/24):  6 miles (oh, and 2 hours of new house cleaning too!) {Signature Strength}
Wednesday (7/25): Spinning & 2.5 miles (and another 2 hours of new house cleaning too!) {Spinning & 5 miles}
Thursday (7/26): 7 miles  (and ANOTHER 2 hours of new house cleaning!){8 miles}
Friday (7/27): Rest {Rest}
Saturday (7/28): Rest (spent ALL DAY moving... I feel like that's quality cross training!) {16 mile LR}
Sunday (7/29): 16 mile LR {Cross Train- 60 min.}

Totals for Week 9:
37.5 Miles Run {27 Miles}
1 Spinning Classes {2 Spinning Classes}
0 Signature Strength Class {1 Signature Strength Class}
0 Minutes on Elliptical {90 min. Cross Train}
4.15 Miles Walked {None on plan}
2 Rest Days {1 Rest Day}

Week 9 of 19, DONE and DONE! 10 weeks to go!! Wooooah-- almost single digit number of weeks left! CRAZY!!

How I felt:

Body- Not too bad most of the week. Crazy sore right now due to Sunday's LR, but most of the week I was OK.  

Energy Level- FUNK, FUNK, FUNK!! What else can I say? You'd think because of the funk and me not working out as much I'd be a big ball of energy. Nope. Not even a little. F the funk. Yup, I said it.
Hunger- Actually, not bad. Could this be a direction cause of not having two-a-days everyday? Is this proof of the whole working out too much can definitely NOT help you lose weight b/c you EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT? Woah. Turns out all those articles and stuff are right. Crazy talk.
Mental- FUUUUUNK. Did I mention funk? Yeah, I was in a hard core, unshakeable funk for most of the week. I simply did not want to workout. At all. No sweat action. No two-a-days. Hell, no one-a-days. I just didn't want to workout. FUUUUUNK.

Other- Though I did less workouts this week, I feel like the move has upped the calorie burning activing considerably. We spent over 2 hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night cleaning and moving. Then, all day Saturday finishing it up. To say I am tired of cleaning and moving would be an extreme understatment. Anyway-- might not seem like it'd be a lot of a workout, but trust me-- cleaning walls, window shades, etc. and moving crazy heavy boxes and furniture is quite the workout... especially for at least 2 straight hours, several days in a row.

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