Monday, July 2, 2012

21 miles and only 1 chaffing mark! Success!

Funny confession ecard complaining about another monday morning on facebook

I know, I know. BOO for Monday’s! I’m with you. I really enjoy my job and certainly don’t dread Monday… but, man o’ man, weekends are SO MUCH BETTER.

Speaking of the weekend… let’s review it, shall we?

Friday was a pretty low-key day. It was SUPPOSED to be a rest day, but I decided I’d rather rest of Sunday, so I did my 60-minutes of light cross training Friday at lunch via elliptical. No complaints here… I had TWO issues of Runner’s World to entertain me! Those 60 minutes flew by!

The Hubs had to work a little late Friday night, so I made dinner (wait for WIAW for the details!). The Hubs had a movie-man-date that night, and no, it wasn’t to see this (I checked the ticket stub, just to make sure! Kidding!!). It was to see the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom. The Hubs made me see one of his other movies, The Royal Tenenbaums, right when we started dating and I HATED it. Just not my kinda humor. He’s been dying to see Moonrise Kingdom since it came out and it’s finally in our local theatre, so I was more than happy to say “Have fun! I’ll grocery shop; you see the movie with your friends!” So, that’s just what I did—a fun filled Friday night grocery shopping. Then, I got back and finished the season of True Blood (Tara! OMG!) and baked chocolate “muffins” (aka: cupcakes without icing… again, wait for WIAW for details!).
Yes, it is missing one because I ate it. I mean... duh. Come on, now.

I was passed out before the Hubs even got home from the movie. Classic, Meagan.

Saturday was a busy day! I kicked the day off with a HOT, HUMID long run.
Clearly, this is PRE-run. This is a fake "OMG! I HATE MY LIFE! WHY AM I UP AT 6AM ON A SATURDAY??" fake smile.

13.1 sweaty miles (added the .1 to make it an even half marathon… duh.) done in just under a 10:00 average pace. Definitely not fast, but for my first true HOT long run of the summer, I’ll take it. I was done by 9am, then met a friend for coffee (yes, before showering… lucky friend!). I got home and jumped right into the shower and immediately felt IT.

What's that? You don't see anything? It might not look that big in the picture, but that, my friends, is a huge, PAINFUL chafe. It’s RAW and stung SOOOO badly in the shower. Wowza. It still hurts today. Every long run, no matter how much I BodyGlide, I chafe. Usually it’s from the sports bra, so at least this one isn’t on the girls. That’s a plus.

Annnnyway, after showering, I ate lunch and then headed out with the Hubs for a “walk”. Yeaaaah… this turned into the most epic walk we’ve ever done togther! 8 MILES. That was after my long run too. 8 miles right at the PEAK of the day’s heat. Great life choice, Meagan. I was SWEATING and my legs were SCREAMING by the end, but it was a great day! We walked along a river and saw tons of kayakers and lots of other people out and about. I ended up spending over 21 miles on my feet that day! A new PR! PLUS, I didn't get ANY new chaffing marks! I'll call that a HUGE success!

After our craaaazy long walk, I napped then the Hubs and I went out for dinner and for fro-yo. Yum!!

Sunday I somehow convinced the Hubs to come with me as a guest to my gym to go to spinning! 
Sorry for the crazy good photography skills here. It was dark and I didn't want to use my flash and look like an even bigger weirdo than I always do.

This might not seem like life-altering news to you, but he’s only agreed to come with me to the gym ONCE before, so this was pretty big to me! He liked the class, but wasn’t totally his thing. I’m gonna try to get him to try one of the Signature Strength or Unleashed (similar to Insanity) classes. I really think he’d like those.

So, after starting our day at the gym, we spent the rest of the day just as productive! We did LOTS around our apartment to start getting ready for our movie at the end of the month. We went through our HUGE filing cabinet, lots of closest, and even started packing! We ended the weekend over pizza and a RedBox, our favorite Sunday night activities. We’re so predictable.

I started my work week off on a good foot this morning with a sweaty 60-minute spinning class and 2 miles on the TM in 18:03. I have lunch plans for today, so no mid-day workout. I might try to get in a short workout (8 minute Abs, perhaps?) after work, but we’ll see. I’m definitely feeling the lack of a rest day already and it’s only Monday. Luckily, we have Wednesday off... but, I'm WAY more excited for the weekend, so HURRY UP FRIDAY!!!


  1. It sounds like you had a busy weekend. Why do weekends always have to go by so fast?! I am totally dreading going to work today. At least it is a short week. :-)

    1. Agreed! They always go by SO much faster than the week... even than a SHORT week. Boo! Oh well. I'll take a short week when it comes! :)Happy (early) 4th!