Friday, July 13, 2012

Little, individual PB&Co. peanut butter packs and 15 miles

Yesterday, I had a bad day. The details aren't really all that important, but I was SO glad when the day was just OVER. Real quick, the workouts for the day were:
-6 miles on the TM before work in 9:24s
-10 min. cool down on elliptical
-2 miles on the indoor track at lunch in 9:45s
-20 min. cool down on elliptical

When I got a text at 4:45pm from the Hubs saying he was working late and likely wouldn't be home before I went to bed, I decided that could only mean one thing: SHOPPING.

I was hoping to find a few things for a new place... a wreath for our door, maybe a welcome mat (you know, since our current neighbors ruined ours when they PUKED ALL OVER IT), a table cloth or table runner for our new kitchen table (Craigslist find! Solid oak table and chairs for $75! Woowoo!), and maybe some sort of centerpiece for the table.

My first stop was Hobby Lobby. Total bust. Their wreaths were OVER $100! WHAT?!?! Even with a 40% coupon, that wasn't happening. For a wreath??? No chance.

After the Hobby Lobby trip it was already 6:30 and I was even more crabby and over the day. I almost called it a day, but at the last second decided to go to one of my shopping mecca's...

Does anyone not love Super Target?? I mean, really. I could spend hours just wandering around. And, I kinda did. OK... maybe not hours, but a solid hour. I walked out with a new table cloth and centerpiece thing (they were on the list!!), some yogurts for the Hubs, a new pair of gym shorts (I have to return them, they don't fit quite right when I didn't know til I got home and tried them on... boo!), and a few other odds and ends. $50 and an hour later, I was in a little better mood. Oh! I almost forgot! I also got a few of these:

Little, individual PB&Co. peanut butter packs. I got a few in dark chocolate PB dreams too. AMAZING! And, great stats! You can get the whole pack for 180 calories, 7g protein, and 2g fiber. I'll take it! I'm planning to have one later with a banana pre-after work run.

Speaking of after work run... I have to get my long run in today. All 15 miles of it. UGH! I haaaate running after work. It's just not in me. I'm a MORNING runner. PLUS, I don't even get off til 5pm. That's late to get 15 miles in! So, I'm gonna try to knock 6 out at lunch today. I was going to do 5 this morning, 5 at lunch, and 5 after work, but decided to just split it into 2 runs in favor of getting more sleep... plus, I figured it's a smidge more legit LR if it's just split into 2, instead of 3. I have 15 on the marathon training schedule and I really don't want to start missing long runs. Whatever. It's not ideal, but I want to get the miles in and not completely blow it off and I won't have time Saturday or Sunday. So, today it is. All 15 miles. Sometime. Someway.  

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