Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jason Mraz and a Bachelorette Party!

This weekend has been an absolute whirlwind. Wowza. It's not even over yet, but it feels like I've had 3 separate weekends. It was wonderful, but man o' man... I am EXHAUSTED.

So, what did I do all weekend? Well, this may take a while. Let's just start with Friday to Saturday.

Friday morning kicked off with an early morning at the gym.
Definitely not the most exciting workout, but at least I had a Running Times to keep me a little entertained. 50 minutes on the elliptical. It had to be done. 

Friday I had a big event for work, so I was there by 7:30am and moving (in heels... bad choice!) til I left early at 1pm. My feet hurt SO bad and my legs were achey. Boo.

As I said, I left at 1 and headed down to Indianapolis where I met one of my best friends to see Jason Mraz in concert! 

We got to the arena around 6:45pm. We had GREAT seats! We were dead center, though we were pretty far back. Since we got there so early, we saw the entire opening act-- Christina Perri! LOVE her!! She was amazing! After she wrapped up and a set change it was time for the one and only Jason Mraz!!

JASON MRAZ!!! He put on a great show! My bff and I had a great time. We got in some great girl time and got to see my (other) husband sing! Fabulous night.

We stayed in a CRAPPY hotel in Indy, but it was only for 1 night and cheap, so what are ya gonna do?!? 

My friend had to take off WAYYYY too early Saturday, so after saying a sad see-ya-soon to her and getting a bit more shut eye, I finally got up, ready, and checked out around 10am. 

On the way outta town, I made a few pitstops...

My very first trip to HomeGoods and my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season (even though it was an iced version... def not the same... though still delicious!). HomeGoods is awesome. I didn't get much, but definitely a great store. Next time we move, definitely hitting up HomeGoods. After HomeGoods, I made a super quick stop at Trader Joe's. I didn't have a cooler, so couldn't stock up tooooo much... but, got a few pantry items... cereal, canned goods, quinoa. TJs=Love.

Then, it was time to hit the open roooooad.
I hate to drive. HATE. But, I must say... it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a drive. Gorgeous.

2 1/2 hours later, I got home to this surprise from the Hubs! FLOWERS! 
Beautiful, beautiful flowers. Best Hubs ever. Poor guy wasn't even home... he had to go into the office on a Saturday. Boo!! But, I enjoyed the lovely flowers, had left overs for lunch, and took a quick nap.

After my way too short nap, I was up and ready to hit the town for a friends bachelorette party! You know what that means....

SHOTS! Wine! Beer! Waaaaay too much food. I tried not to go TOO crazy, as I knew I had a long run to get in Sunday morning. But, I definitely had fun, too! I left a little early and got home and into bed just before 1am. I won't share anymore pictures... what happens at a bachelorette party stays at a bachelorette party! ;)

I swear, Friday alone felt like 2 full days between work, driving, and the concert. Then Saturday felt like 3 days! It was just a crazy 2 days!

Stay tuned for Sunday's recap... {Spoiler: I kinda rocked my long run!!}

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