Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No More Signature Strength for Me

<Sorry in advance for the long, boring kinda pointless, pictureless post.>

It's that time. Time to make choice and sacrifices and to really crack down on this whole marathon training thing. Ok, so maybe it's already been time, but I'm serious about it this time.

I've been going to Signature Strength for a pretty long time. A few months ago, I went twice a week-- Tuesday and Thursday morning's at 5:30am. When I started marathon training, I decided to drop it down to once a week so I could get my mileage in.

And, that's what I did. Usually on Tuesday's because it honestly made me SO sore each time I went I couldn't go on Thursday and be fresh enough for long run's on Saturday's. So, Tuesday's it was.

Then, shit got serious. Training got serious. Mileage picked up. I was running more and more and SO tired the rest of the time. If I wanted to go to Signature Strength AND get my runs in, I'd have to go to the class before work, run at lunch, AND likely do a run or spinning or something after work... and, that was KILLING my muscles.

It just became TOO. MUCH.

I tried to fight it. I tried to pretend like it wasn't too much. Like I ENJOYED being so sore it hurt to walk. I tried to talk myself into it and up to it and everything else. It worked... for a while. Yes, I crashed hard every night after Signature Strength. Yes, I was beyond tired and sore all the time. But, I convinced myself it was all in the name of the oh-so-mighty marathon training.

Then, one day it hit me. As I was forced to use my arms to lower myself to the toilet to pee (TRUE STORY... a way TMI true story, but true nonetheless) because my legs were THAT sore. THIS is not normal. THIS is not needed for ANYTHING-- even marathon training. Should I be sore and a little uncomfortable during training? Sure. Absolutely. Should I be THAT sore from lifting classed during training? Nooooo. Not needed. Running is needed. Cross training, needed. Going to classes that consistently make me so sore everything else in the world hurts? Nooooo. No, Meagan. No. I KNOW I'm going to be sore through training. And, I am. But, to be THAT sore the day after every Signature Strength class was just crazy. I know, I know-- just don't squat or lunge that low, just half-ass it. I can't. I don't know how. I've tried. It just doesn't work for me. I'm still sore. SO sore. Signature Strength, I love you... but between the sore-level already going on in my legs from running, you're just too much for me right now.

So, I'm not going anymore. End of the very dramatic, way too long story.

Truth? I miss Signature Strength. I know there's other strength things I could-- specifically focusing on core and arms to give the legs a much needed break. But, I'm lazy. Simple as that. Yup-- marathon training party of 1 who is also lazy? Right here.

I'll be back to Signature Strength post-training. Hopefully back to twice a week, but we'll see. I also have some big Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred plans on my brain. Who knows what post-marathon training'll bring. I guess all I KNOW is that for now, strength stuff is on the back burner. Ya know... to have time to RUN and all. Turns out, you kinda need to run a lot to prep for a marathon. Who knew?!?

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