Monday, September 10, 2012

22 Miles & A Weekend in Review

My weekend started out with a boring dose of yoga. I know, I know. Yoga is SO good for you, especially ME being a runner. But, OMG-- I just find it SO boring. I'm always glad I go... but, I'd just SO MUCH rather be running or something. #runnerproblems

I sucked it up though and stuck out the 75-minute 5:30pm Friday yoga class. THAT'S dedication. All I wanted to do was go home, curl up on the couch with some CARBS and chill. It was rainy and the LAST thing I wanted to do was yoga. Blah, blah. Tough life. I went. It was OK. My upper body was sore the next day. End of story.

Post-yoga I went grocery shopping (in the RAIN-- boooo!!) and got Noodles to go. I love me some Noodles Pad Thai. Like, LOVE. I managed to get home right as the Hubs was getting home. Perfect timing for him to carry the groceries in (IN THE RAIN! Best Hubs ever!) and then to chill out on the couch watching Dexter for a few hours. Ok, more like 1.5 hours as I had to get to bed early. Told you-- EXCITING LIFE OVER HERE.
Grocery shopping on a Friday night = I AM SO COOL.

Both the Hubs and I had to get up Saturday morning. Me, to run. Him, to work. Poor guy. He's usually still asleep when I head out for my long runs. It was weird (in a good way!) getting ready and stuff with him around chatting. By 7:30am he was out the door on the way to the office and I was out the door starting my run.

I had 22 miles on the schedule, but told myself going into it I'd be OK if I cut it at 20. I didn't have very high hopes for myself.

Mile 1 was OK. I was worried that was about as fast as I was gonna get, which meant I'd get a WHOLE lot slower in the next 19+ miles. Then, it started to rain. Uuuugh. Not nice rain, either. COLD, COLD rain. The temp was a PERFECT 62ish*. But, the rain was COOOOOLD rain. And, it kept raining. And raining. And not a small drizzle either. RAIN. I ran miles 2-9 around Notre Dame's campus and kept entertained by either the rain or all the pre-football game preparations that were going on around campus. Tailgates being set up, grills starting, etc. I felt especially BA as I was RUNNING IN THE RAIN and all these big, tough FB-lovin' men were scrambling for cover so they wouldn't get wet. Running makes you pretty hard core. Running in the rain makes you feel like total BA. While I was SO OVER the rain, I was loving the looks I was getting. And, not a single beer can tossed in my direction. Win #1.

By mile 9 the rain was letting up (win #2) and I made my way out of tail-gate central to avoid getting puked on or run over by any passing kegs.

Miles 9-16 were non-eventful. I made my way from the Notre Dame campus to the St. Mary's College campus to the Holy Cross College campus through the East Bank Trail and then made my way to the Indiana University South Bend campus. Yes, I ran on FOUR college campuses during 1 run. And I kinda love that.

Anyway, right after mile 16 I HAD to make an EMERGENCY pit stop at a bathroom. Thank goodness the buildings on campus were open. Wowza. It would have been a DISASTER. Gross. It was probably a 5+ minute stop, but whatever. What can ya do? I was just glad my intestines chilled out and I could keep going.

I was thiiiiiis close to heading back after my bathroom pit stop, especially knowing I was a solid 2.5-3 miles from home. But, I sucked it up and kept trugging along. I kept reminding myself about the marathon and how moments like this are going to be what gets me through. Side note: the next day I was telling Matt how I thought a lot about the marathon during my run and he thought I was CRAZY to think about another run during a run. He just doesn't get it.

So, I did a few more miles and started my trek back right around mile 19.5. By 20.5 I was HURTING. Never have my legs EVER felt so tight and angry. Wowza. Around mile 19 I thought I miiiight push it to 23, since I realized I was further from my house than I thought, but by mile 20.5 I knew 22 would be IT. I was spent. Everything hurt. Mile 21 clocked in at 9:59. I was DYING just to keep it under a 10:00 pace. Mile 22 was a smidge easier, since I knew it was the last one and I managed to clock a 9:42, despite the BRUTAL (& stupid) uphill finish. 

22 miles. Done. 3:23:37. 9:21 average pace. Win #3.

I was honestly SHOCKED at the pace I kept. I had no idea I was on par for that and I was SO excited when I saw it. I even had 3 sub 9:00 miles! Woah. I don't even know who I am.

I had a 1 mile trek back home after I finished my run and hoped it'd help shake out my legs a bit. They were BEYOND sore and screaming.

I got home and CHUGGED some chocolate milk and a powerade zero before stretching (woah! WHO AM I?!?!) and then a nice, hot shower. Felt so good. I felt like a new person after. Still a very, very sore person, but so much better. I started cleaning up the house and before I knew it 2 hours had passed. Whoops. I immediately made some lunch and then the Hubs finally got home.

The rest of the weekend was a relaxed, low-key blur filled with compression gear, mexican food, a home-DIY-manicure, lots of TV, and fro yo.

Great weekend. Great.

Now with my longest long run behind me before the marathon I'm trying to focus on other things to get myself mentally and physically ready for the race. Things like a massage to sooth sore muscles and like buying fun fall decorations to make me happy!

I'm sure the Hubs and our bank account will be super happy too. :)

Happy Monday!!!!


  1. Thank god I am not the only person who thinks that yoga is the most boring thing on this planet! I can barely get through the class- I think that it is 60 minutes, but I tend to daydream...and stare at the wall or ceiling.

    Glad you were able to finish your 22 miler. Those long (er) runs like that are tough, but they are great for the mental preparation of 26.2.

    1. OMG! I feel like we're meant to be friends. Addicted to fro yo and yoga-hatin'? Meant to be.

      Seriously though... YOGA IS SO BORING! Maybe I'm just WAY too spastic for it. I just get bored! I literally count down the minutes til it's over. Not exactly "relaxing" like everyone says it is. Oh well.

      I sure how these loooooong runs are gonna help me out come October 7. I'm still not completely sold on the idea that this whole marathon thing is actually gonna happen, but hopefully these long runs are gonna help get me closer to it actually becoming reality. We'll see!!