Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIAW - Recycled Edition

Ugh! Another morning of literally having to DRAG my ass outta bed. Anyone else out there just struggling lately in the mornings? Ugh. I need a vacation. Good thing I have one coming up in less than 2 months. Eye on the prize, Meagan. Eye on the prize.

Anyway—another weird thing that's been going on... I thought I had the whole vitamin-nausea thing under control. I started cutting my vitamin in half and taking each half about 30 minutes to an hour apart. But, MAN! The past few mornings I have just had a HUGE nausea wave after taking the first half. And before ANYONE even thinks it— I am not preggo. I promise. It’s been pretty brutal though. Today I actually made a dive for the trash can because I was SURE I was gonna vomit. False alarm, thank goodness. But, man—something’s waging a war on my tummy. I think I’m gonna try a different kind/brand of multivitamin and see if that helps.

So, it’s Wednesday. HALF WAY THROUGH THE WEEK! I’m actually super excited for this coming weekend so I’m stoked it’s already Wednesday. Friday I’m going to see Jason Mraz (my other husband… shhh! Don’t tell the Hubs!) in concert with one of my very best friends so I couldn’t be more excited for that. THEN, Saturday I have a friend’s bachelorette party. FUN! Oh yeah, and ya know… an 18-something mile long run to get at some point. HURRY UP, Weekend!!

Back to the present day… I did manage to someone get outta bed this morning at 5am and made it to my 5:30am spinning class. The instructor is not my favorite. AND she just took over the Monday 5:30am class too. Greaaaat. She’s OK… she just talks too much. Today she was ALL chatty about The Voice coming back to TV and how pumped she was. Um… yeah, I just don’t care. At 5:30am while sweating my ass off—I just don’t care. PLUS, she’s a pop top 40 playlist kinda instructor… which I’m OK with (I love me some pop music!)… but, in the right dosage. It’s like she brings in one of those “Today’s Hits Volume 233534” CD mixes and goes to town. I’m just over it. Hopefully she starts mixing it up more soon or I might have to start adjusting my gym schedule. Ok, rant over. After spinning I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill in 22:01. Shins were a little sore. Likely too sore and I shouldn’t have run, but I just felt like it. Whatever. They’re not feeling too bad right now, so I’ll call it a draw.

This edition of WIAW (thanks to Jen!) is brought to you 100% by old, recycled pics. That’s right… EVERYTHING I ate yesterday I’ve already shown in (at least one other) WIAW before. Wow. I need to mix up my diet. I guess I’m a creature of habit. Oh well. Without further ado…

Breakfast…Greek yogurt with cereal (mixed together). Coffee with multivitamin of death.

Lunch…Hummus, pretzels, apple, carrots. Diet Pepsi. 

Snack... Handful of lightly salted raw almonds. x2.
Dinner... Brown rice with red peppers and onion. Peppers and onions were sauteed with cooking spray, soy sauce, TJ's peanut salad dressing, and Siracha. These pics also show TJ's mini wontons and, sadly, I didn't have those last night. I figured you could use your imagination to mentally remove those from the pics.

Dessert... Fro Yo. Duh.

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  1. i COMPLETELY feel ya on the whole morning dragging ass thing....UGH! :-/ lol!!