Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still Sick

I'm still sick.

I could not be more over this nonsense.

I haven't worked out since MONDAY. Today is WEDNESDAY. That might not seem that long to some people, but to ME-- it's a LONG time.

Wah, wah-- I know. I'm such a whiney baby. I know. But, I HATE being sick. And, I know I'm mid-taper and maybe this is my bodies way of MAKING ME taper... but, I also know completely to a COMPLETE SWEATING STOP is not good either. I need a happy medium. I need to not be sick.

Just how sick am I? Am I exagerating? I'll let you be the judge.

Exhibit A:
I've gone through an entire bottle of Ziacam since Monday.
Exhibit B: I was asleep last night by 7:30pm. Yeaaaaah. As in, BEFORE 8 o'clock. That's just crazy talk.

Exhibit C: (Maybe the most telling...)
The Hubs was out running errands last night and got back after I went to bed (cough, cough-- at 7:30pm-- cough, cough). He kinda woke me up to tell me he brought me home fro yo as a suprise. I didn't even move. It's in the freezer as we speak. Yup-- I PASSED on fro yo. Me. That's crazy talk. The thought of moving even an inch last night was just too much to consider. CLEARLY-- me=sick.
So, to try to cheer myself up from said sick-ness and lack of sweatiness, I did what any rational sweat-lovin' girl would do.
Signed up for my first post-marathon race! I mean... duh. It's a local half-marathon that's a full 3 weeks after the marathon. I figure that'll be enough time to recover, but not too much time to lose all levels of fitness or too much time to make me fall into a lazy slump. It'll give me something to look forward to. I'm totally just running it for fun... some co-workers are running the 5K with it and it's in the fall and has a halloween theme and it's the day before the Hubs and I leave for a week long cruise, so I figure it'll be one last good run before a week of amazing FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD! 
Anyway... I'm trying the whole "mind over matter" thing over here today and trying to tell myself over and over "I AM NOT SICK! I AM NOT SICK!" I realllllly wanna get to the gym tomorrow to get a few miles in. I can use all the mental strength I can get. So, repeat after me: "MEAGAN IS NOT SICK!"


  1. I hope that you start feeling better soon!!! Passing up on fro yo is definitely a sign you are feeling under the weather. Did you husband want to rush you the ER?

    The half marathon sounds like a lot of fun. Are you going to wear a costume? I would! I ran a half marathon 6 days after my first marathon. THAT was a very bad idea. You should be fine 3 weeks out.

    1. AW! Thanks!!!

      A half 6 days after?!?! Yeah... you're crazy! Go girl!