Tuesday, September 25, 2012

S'mores and Sick

Today is an unplanned, but very needed, rest day. I had to drop the Hubs off at the car dealership so his car could get some work done on it before work, so my morning workout was out. At lunch, I'm meeting a friend for lunch, so the afternoon workout is out. Normally, I'd be pretty upset about this and figure out a way to get the workout in post-work... but, today I am 100% OK with it. Today, I feel like I got run over by a truck. Yup, I am sick. Sicky, sick, sick. Throbbing head, sore throat, sneezing, running nose-- the works. Aweeeesome. Last night I crawled into sweats right after walking in the door and didn't move from the couch all night. I passed out by 8pm and slept solid til 6:20am this morning. This morning I made an emergency run to Wal-Greens for some much needed meds.
Here's hoping it does wonders. And quick.

UGH. I hate being sick. And, now is NOT a good time (not that there's ever a "good time" to be sick). Work is CRAZY... I legit cannot call in a day right now. Luckily, training is in the taper phase so I can get away with an unplanned rest day, but I need to get over this thing pronto. The race is in 12 days. No time to be sick. None.


Let's back up to the weekend. Super speed style.

Friday night: Random raid-the-freezer dinner (TJ's turkey corn dogs, frozen veggies, and some noodles w/ cheese), then headed over to my in-laws for the night. Half slept-through/half-watched a movie and then passed out.

Saturday: Up early to do my "long run". 12 miles. Woah. That felt so weird! It really is ONLY 12 now. I felt like I should have been doing more. I felt weird. Hard to explain. I did the first couple with my father in law and some of his running buddies. My FIL split off to head home, but his friends and I finished out my 12 in a 9:10 pace with several sub 9:00 miles in the middle. Oh, AND it was raining. AND there were hills. Lots of hills. I don't really do hills. Ever. So, this was a pretty exciting success for me. Post run, I headed back to my in-laws and we did lots of yard work outside for a few hours. Still in the rain. A hot shower never felt so good. It cleared up later in the day-- juuuust in time for my absolute favorite fall activity.
 Bonfire and S'MORES. Absolute bliss. 

Post-s'mores I ate lots more food. Napped on and off. Some football. Slept through a movie. Done.

Sunday: Lazy day. Went on a walk with the Hubs (4.66 miles). Out for mexican for lunch. Spent afternoon grading papers for the class I'm teaching and watching re-runs.
Monday morning I got up and went to the gym ready to spin. And, of course, spinning was cancelled. BOO. I hit the TM instead. 7.5 miles at sub 9:00 pace while watching Felicity on my teeeeny tiny iPhone screen. First world problems to the extreme. I didn't start feeling crummy til post run when I noticed a tickle in my throat while showering. The tickle never went away, instead got worse. Boo. My 3pm I officially called it as SICK. Sicky, sick, sick.  

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  1. I love smores!!!!! You always have fun weekends. Mine are always boring.
    I hope that you get to feeling better soon. Just be thankful you are sick now and not later.