Monday, September 24, 2012


Today is a very special day.
Today is my baby sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, baby sister!

Why yes, one year for her birthday I did in fact give her several boxes of her favorite cereal as a birthday gift. Pictured are just two of the many more boxes. That's totally normal, right?

I call her my "baby" sister... girl graduated college AND nursing school. She's not so baby anymore. I couldn't be more proud of her. Oh, and of COURSE she followed in my footsteps and went to my alma mater. Clearly, girl has brains.  
Yeah, I got nothing for this one. I'd try to explain... but, it happens way too often, so I got nothing. NORMAL.
So, baby sister-- celebrate! Enjoy your day! I love you and am SO proud of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Oh, and don't be mad at me for the whole pre-7am wake up call on your bday thing. Nothing screams sisterly love like a 6:40am HAPPY BIRTHDAY serenade wake up call. NOTHING.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you!!

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