Friday, March 14, 2014

Bailey: 4 Month Update!

How is it possible I am already writing Bailey's 4 month update? No way she's 4 months old. Seriously. It was like yesterday when I had her.

Age: FOUR MONTHS!!! She's SO big now!!! Seriously. I think I'm going to blink and she's going to be a toddler.

Weight/Height: She's up to a whopping 11 pounds, 2 ounces. CHUNKER. She's grown 2 inches from last time and is clocking in at 23.5 inches for height. Her weight is in the 20% and her height is in the 25%, both on the preemie growth curve scale.

Sleep: Wait... what is this sleep you speak of? Bailey is still not sleeping through the night. I'd be OK with it if she ONLY got up at 3:30am and then at 6:30am each night consistently. I really would. I could deal with that. It's when she (frequently) gets up at 2am and we have to paci it over and over til 3:30am. Or, I'd be fine with nursing her at 2 if she could then make it to 6:30am, but that doesn't work either. And, then there's the nights when she decides she wants to get up at 5am instead of 6:30am. I know. Whine, whine, whine. I know I could have it worse. And, I know she'll sleep through the night someday. After all, as everyone loves to tell me, teenagers don't get up all night long. Note: I LOATHE this expression and when people tell me this and if I don't get a solid 8 hours of sleep til she is a teenager I will very likely go coo-coo-for-coco-puffs. Consider yourself warned.

Nursing: I was really worried about nursing after going back to work. I was worried B would suddenly be over it and realize how much easier the bottle is and just want nothing to do with nursing. Thankfully, I was wrong... at least so far. While our nursing sessions are definitely fewer (boo!!), they're still just as strong and I love every second of it. She has started to get a bit squirmier (that's totally a word) and she wants to look at things and move around instead of just feed (multitasker like her momma!), but we're making it work. We are nursing now M-Fri at 6:30am, 5:30pm, 7:30pm and 3:30ish-am. Every other night I also nurse the 11:30pm feeding and on the opposite nights the Hubs give her a BM bottle. I'm really hoping we can cut the 3:30am feeding and I can nurse the 11:30pm feeding every night. I THINK she might also be FINALLY starting to get a LITTLE more efficient and nursing sessions are getting a little shorter... but, it's hard to tell if she's really getting a full feeding before she squirms to indicate she's finished or if she's just squirmy mc-squirmerson at that moment.

Likes: Still her playmat. Girl LOVES it. Definitely one of our must-haves. She loves it. It's the cutest thing in the world. She'll bat at her toys and STARE at herself in the little mirror for like a solid half hour totally entertained. She also likes being on her tummy now. Not for a HUGE chunk of time, but now that she has pretty good head control she doesn't mind it as much. She's rolled over from her tummy to her back numerous times now and is thiiiiiiiiiis close to getting from tummy to back but not quite there yet.

Dislikes: The car seat. Still. She just hates getting in. And she HAS to have her paci when she's in it or watch out. She used to be pretty good about passing out once the car started moving... yeah... long gone are those days. She MIGHT fall asleep, but it's a total crap shoot.

Special Moments/Milestones: Lifting her head. She's gotten SO much better at head support. It's crazy. It's like I picked her up from daycare one day and BOOM-- she's had great head support. And, like I mentioned, rolling over from belly to back. I feel like she's growing and gaining new skills everyday.


Looking Forward To: Maybe, just maybe her sleeping through the night... sometime? Maybe? You know... before she turns 16. Maybe. And giggling. I think we're like days away from giggles. I hope so! I can tell she thinks things are funny, but she's not quite ready to acknowledge it yet. Soon, I hope!

NOT Looking Forward To: Sleep training. I know it's hella conterversial. I'm a firm believer of the you gotta do you style of life. Do what works best for you and your baby and your family. To each unto their own. Oh, and GET OFF ME if you don't agree. I don't have to do everything you do. That style of life is right up my alley too. Anyway- we're likely gonna do some sleep training (no idea what yet!) sometime semi-soon. I legit can't keep functioning on 5-6 hours of broken up sleep and/or going to bed at 8:15pm and not spending anytime with the Hubs. I swear, I forget what he looks like somedays. So, yeah. We're talking about sleeping training. Not sure when we'll start or what it will look like for us... but, something's gotta give a bit.   

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