Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Run That Wasn't

I had every intention of running yesterday during my lunch hour.

Sunday night I carefully packed my gym back and actually remembered socks and a sport bra. That's a big deal, people.

Monday morning I was excited as I remembered I had no meetings around lunch and could get to the gym for a good run.

At 11:30am, I walked out of my office and over to the gym. I changed and grabbed my iPhone and headphones. I walked up to the track.

And immediately I did NOT want to run. Simple as that. I just was NOT feeling it.

I tried anyway. I started slowly running jogging around the track. I told myself "you'll feel like it after a lap or two". 1 lap later, still over it. 2 laps. 3 laps. 4 laps. 5 laps. Nope. Still over it. My legs felt heavy (which they shouldn't as my last run or workout was last Thursday). And I just did NOT want to be running.

So, I walked a lap hoping to find the motivation that was still eluding me. Nope. No where to be found.

I tried telling myself if I did speed work maybe I'd be less bored and get into it. So, I sprinted a lap (it's an 1/8 mile indoor track) and then speed-walked a lap. 1 round of it and I was still not feeling it. Round 2, 3, and 4. No better.

So, I called it. I just was NOT feeling it. After 2.5-ish miles if I was still not feeling it, I decided it was just better to stop and call it a day. Some runs aren't magical and rainbows. Some runs just aren't period. Yesterday's run just wasn't.

And that's OK.

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  1. That happened to me last Friday. I really put forth some effort and nope. 2.5 miles was also my limit as it was so much of a struggle. And it wasn't the, "wow, I'm working hard!" kind of struggle. It was the, "I'm not even sure I can walk" struggle. Oh well.