Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend In Review

I had a pretty great weekend. Nothing special. Nothing stand-out. Just a regular, low-key weekend.

Friday we went grocery shopping and somehow managed to get back just past Bailey's bedtime instead of the usual hour + after. The wild party animal I am was faaaaaaaast asleep by 9:30pm. I'm telling you. Nothing but excitement over here.

I got to SLEEP IN Saturday til a whopping 6:45am! WOOWOO! 45 extra minutes is pretty darn amazing.

I love weekend mornings when we have no where to be. Bailey and I get up and take our time nursing. Amazing how not having to rush makes the day start so much better. We read a few books, played with some toys, changed diapers/clothes and then we head to the kitchen and she plays in her bouncy seat while I make coffee and do a few chores around the kitchen. Weekends used to be for relaxing and now they're for getting as much shit done as possible to make the work-week a little less hectic. I spend Saturday and/or Sunday morning cleaning a bit and prepping food for the week ahead.

Every weekend, I package up left overs in smaller containers for the Hubs to take for lunch, hard boil eggs, and chop any veggies for recipes for the week. I also portion out almonds, pretzels and cookies into individual baggies for lunches. Saves SOOOO much time during the week.

The rest of Saturday was spent running some errands and playing with Bailey. Love, love, love.

Sunday morning was pretty much an identical replica of Saturday. Nurse, play, read, play, chores. During B's first nap I got to look through some cook books to start prepping the next weeks grocery list and meal plan. I'm trying to be MUCH MORE intentional about meal planning and such. It makes the week SO MUCH EASIER.
A little while later, B and I headed to the mall to walk around with a new friend of mine who also has a little baby (6-week old little boy-- he's SO CUTE!!).

We walked around and chatted about all-things-baby for about an hour and a half before we headed home to nurse again and hang with the Hubs and Sadie.

Another low-key night at home ended with taco night, more playtime, and bedtime for the baby girl followed all too shortly after with me.

Sometimes go-go-gooooo weekends are great. And, sometimes low-key nothing weekends are exactly what you need. Any weekend I get to spend with this face is perfection.

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