Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Workout Summary: 3/16-3/22

Weekly Workout Summary: 3/16-3/22
Sunday, 3/16: None
Monday, 3/17: None
Tuesday, 3/18: None
Wednesday, 3/19: 3 mile run
Thursday, 3/205 mile run
Friday, 3/21: None
Saturday, 3/22: None

I'm coming to accept that my life has done a legit 180 since Bailey was born. Weekends used to be a guaranteed get-great-workouts in. Yeaaaaah. Now, IF I get ANY workout in over the weekend, it's a HUGE win.... but, at the same time, it's a HUGE bummer b/c that's time I spend away from Bailey the ONLY days I get to spend with her all day. But, if I time it right, I can workout during her nap so I can avoid that but she's not the greatest, most consistent napper in the world, so we haven't fallen into a perfect rhythm just yet. We'll get there. Eventually. Until then, I'll keep trying to utilize my lunch hours to get some runs in when possible.

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