Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bailey: 11 Month Update

Obviously I'm going to say it again. NO WAY IS GIRL 11 MONTHS OLD! How is it already mid-October?? In ONE short month you're telling me she'll be a TODDLER? NOOOOO WAAAAAY!!! I heard the expression "the days may be long, but the years are short" and it is SOOOO fitting.
Still no weight check this month, but I can't imagine she's gained much. We're still wearing some of our 3-6 month clothes, but wear a lot 6-9 month, too. I've put her in a few 12 month things and she SWIMS in them. Tiny little peanut.
So good! She's sleeping from 7:10pm-ish to 6:30am-ish every night. No dreamfeed, either! Yep- we officially cut it out! WAHOO!!! So, our schedule now is...
6:30am: Wake, Nurse, and Solids
7:15-8:30am: Play (a lot of times we go on a walk)
8:30-10/10:30am: Nap
10:30: Nurse
10:45-12:30pm: Play/errands/whatever
12:30pm: Solids, then more play
1:30pm-3/3:30pm: Nap
3:30pm: Nurse
3:45-5:30pm: Play/errands/whatever
5:30pm: Solids
6-7pm: Bath/books/play/etc.
7pm: Nurse, then bed by 7:15pm
Nursing & Solids:
Good! I am so grateful for our good our nursing has still been going. Yes, she gets distracted. Yes, it's time consuming. But, I'm so grateful the pro's far outweigh the con's.
We're officially down from 6 sessions to 4! Our first session in the morning is still the longest and the one I think we'll definitely keep well past a year. I'd like to keep our before-bed session til past a year, too, but girl isn't the most interested in that one. Maybe that will change when we cut the 2 middle of the day ones? We'll see.
Solids are still going well, too. She's a pretty good eater. She has her "No! I don't want any!" moods, but those are generally just if we're way off schedule and she's outta sorts. On normal days, she eats really well.

Her favorite foods of the moment are: cheese, yogurt, cantaloupe, pasta, blueberries, steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, and pizza (she's her daddy's daughter through and through).


A lot of the same...

-She still LOVES the local indoor play place. Girl thinks she's a big kid and loves to crawl all over. I've had other moms comment NUMEROUS times how adventurous and active she is. Girl thinks she's 11.
-Bathtime. We've been having some her-trying-to-stand-in-the-tub issues, but overall she is really good in the bath and loves being in there.
-Watching videos of other babies or herself. Youtube babbies babbling and watch the one with the twins talking to each other. It's hysterical. Bailey cracks up when I put it on. Loooove.
-Her paci. Yep. Still here. I'm working hard to limit it to bed/nap and long car rides. It's hard because it will make her happy no matter how grumpy she is, so it's easy to be tempted just to paci her all the time. But, I really don't want it to turn into a HUGE habit, so I'm working on limiting it.
And a new one...
-TALKING! YEEEES!!!! We have babbling! And, now she likes to babble. A lot. LOVE IT!!!! More on this later.

-Still not being able to play with my iPhone or car keys. I tell her a gazillion times a day "not for babies!" and girl just does not care. We're working on it. Everyday. The only "screen" time she gets is 2 minutes like every other day when I show her the 2-minute YouTube video of the twin babies babbling to each other. Somehow she still realllllly wants my phone or the iPad. How do babies just know? Technology, man.
New This Month/Special Moments/Milestones:
-TAAAALKING!!!! Ok, not really talking, but DEFINITE babbling. Ba's and da's and ya's and ga's and ha's. Lots and lots! She loves blowing raspberries, too. SO happy we jumped that hurdle. First Steps determined she did not need services (yay!!), even though when we had our appointment she wasn't yet babbling and now, she is! All. The. Time. And, I love it. I DO think there's some intentional talking there, too. She looks right at the Hubs and says Dada. We're still working on Mama. :)

-Hand, Foot, Mouth. That was fun.

-Standing unassisted and without holding on to something. She's only done it a few times and can stay up for several seconds, but she's doing it!

Nicknames: Peanut, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Jelly Butt, Bugs, B

Looking forward to: WALKING! She's SOOOO close. I can't wait!!! I also can't wait to hear "Mama". Warning: my heart might explode.

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  1. I love these pictures! B just looks like a happy kiddo ready for ACTION! Oh wait-she is! I knew the chatty-ness was just on the horizon-can't wait to hear the babbles. And cheers to her & her pizza love! She & I will need to share a slice.