Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY Tutu

Bailey is a girl. SAY WHAAAAT?!?!?! I know. Sometimes I forget, too.

Ok, ok-- I don't FORGET, per say. I just refuse to think of her as a GIRL first. She is BAILEY first. She is my daughter. She is adventurous. She is always on the go. She is an intense listener. She is a MILLION things just as important as her being a GIRL. I'm a firm believer we put SO MUCH pressure and just SHIT on gender. Girls like Barbies and pink and boys like blue and GI Joe and GOD FORBID a boy want a pink doll or a girl like trucks. Well, I say SCREW THAT. I want Bailey to like trucks. And dinosaurs.
Meagan Thornburg's photo.
True story: I bought these at a garage sale and I almost got into a fist fight with the lady selling them because she insisted they are BOY pj's and clearly I had a GIRL (Bailey was with me) and I needed to go down the street to one of their neighbors who was also having a garage sale because they had girls. I almost lost it. THEY ARE DINOSAUR PJ's. WHY DO BOYS HAVE 100% OWNERSHIP ON DINO?!?!?! Oh, and- get off me, woman. I'll dress my kid in whatever I want til she's old enough to fight me on it.
I digress. Anyway- I HATE all the princess shit for girls. HATE it. I 100% refuse to buy Bailey anything with the word princess on it. GIRL IS NOT A PRINCESS. Generally, I don't even buy her shit with pink on it. She's a PERSON, not just a GIRL.
Buuuuuuuuuuuuut-- she IS a girl. I also put hairbow's and dresses on her. Contradiction, party of 1, right here. I know. I admit it. I'm all sorts of conflicted and confused. I'm OK with it.
So, when it came time to think about what she would wear for her 1-year pictures I knew I wanted her to do a tutu for the cake smash pictures. SO CUTE!!! But, I also knew I didn't want it to be pink and I knew I didn't want it to cost like $50 (legit-- some BABY tutu's are sold for that much. Whaaaaaaaat????). So, I set out on yet another DIY project. Project tutu.
Step 1: Learn how the F to make a tutu. Research online. I used this and this as my main tutorials.
Step 2: Gather materials.
I got 1 yard of purple (See! Not pink!!) tulle for $.97. According to this site you'd need about 2 yards of tulle for a kids tutu, so I figured I'd start with 1 yard for a baby's tutu and get more if needed. I also got a pack of elastic. I had no idea what I was doing here. It was $.97, too. Wal-Mart (booo!!) for the win. I just picked one of the 5 options. Luckily, it worked.

Step 3: Wrap elastic around B's waist to see how much I'd need, cut desired length, and then sew the ends closed. I'm not a sewer, but this was easy.  

Step 4: Cut tulle into strips. See the tutorials for MUCH better explanations, but basically I measured out about 12 inches for length and then did about 1 inch wide strips.

Cutting all this tulle was a bitch and took forever and I was about as not-perfectionist as they come. My strips were SOOOOO not even or pretty. I went for speed not accuracy. Luckily, I don't really think it matters much.
Step 5: Tie all the strips onto the waistband.
I used an empty gallon of milk (yes, it is filled with green liquid... I let Bailey play with it, she LOVES it! It's just water with a squirt of green finger paint mixed in.) as a frame. It worked great! To tie the strips, I folded them in half and then did a sorta U-shaped fold over and pull through method. Again, see the tutorials for a MUCH better description. And then I just kept tying and tying. I used the entire yard and I think it was the perfect amount. I had none left over, but don't think I need any more. Done!
Yes, I used my shoes to give some size perspective.
The whole project took about 2 hours. I did it all during one of B's naps. Not too bad!  
So, how'd the final product look on her?
No, she is not playing with pills. I have rice and popcorn kernels in them as a shaker toy. Don't call DCFS.

I'm gonna have to straighten it back out, as she was playing with the material while it was on her like crazy. Hopefully it'll work for the shoot. She won't be crawling around or anything for the shoot, so it just has to look pretty from the sitting position.
Done! Look at me. Getting all crafty. Who knew?!?!?

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  1. Cute! I saw the BRIGHT pink shoes with a big orange flower & was going to get them for B. But they were hella pink & the more I looked they got a bit ugly. Anyway, I love the Dino jams, of course, & also love the tutu. Nice job!