Thursday, October 16, 2014


I'm grumpy. Consider yourself warned. And, this post is gonna be all over the place because that's my life today. And no pictures because I just don't have the patience for it today. Yep. It's like that.

Isn't it funny how we adults can wake up and be grumpy and in a bad mood just because but when a baby is off and grumpy we have to try to find a reason for it? Teething, bad nap, teething, hungry, teething, over stimulated, teething, under stimulated, teething, overtired, teething. Did I mention teething? Anyway- I find it interesting that we can't just let a baby have a bad day because of... nothing.

In case you were wondering, I DO have reasons for my bad mood today. In no specific order, here's what's causing my grumps...

1. My sister, who lost her job in a mass layoff over a year ago, did not get a job she phone and in-person interviewed for. She REALLY, REALLY wanted it and it just breaks my heart into 10 million pieces to hear her sad and disappointed. This is really the biggest & maybe only reason I'm REALLY grumpy today. Had this not happened, I imagine the other things would have rolled off my back. But, it did happen. It  SUCKS sooooo bad and it happened. So, the other things didn't roll off. They pissed me off way more than rationally allowable. What are they? Let's move on and find out...

2. My new iPhone (don't get excited... it's not the NEWEST iPhone... I don't roll like that) was delivered yesterday but since I don't sit home all day, everyday I missed delivery so I had to go pick it up. AND, I had to wait a WHOLE EXTRA DAY to get it. Woe is me.

3. I finally picked up the new iPhone from FedEx today and then decided to stop by Verizon to ask why I didn't get the trade in your old phone for a free new iPhone 6 deal they're advertising. After waiting OVER AN HOUR at the Verizon store with an 11-month old they basically tell me it's because I came in like 2 days before the deal started and that even though they're CURRENTLY advertising the deal, the deal is over and can't be given out anymore. SAY WHAT? I legit asked them to re-explain it like 12 times because it makes no sense. No explanation was any better. I left even more pissed off and confused.

4. More iPhone fun. Yes, I realize this is SUCH a first world problem. I get that. I'm a terrible, materialistic person. Got it. Let's move past that so I can keep bitching. I get home to activate my new iPhone, which the people at Verizon said would be OH SO EASY, only to find out that you have to call a number to activate your new phone. So, what's the problem? Your current phone has to be off. And your new phone isn't activated. So, you need a DIFFERENT phone. We don't have a landline, so I have to wait for the Hubs to get home from work. ARGH! Yes. Yes, I am making a GIIIIAAAANNNNNT mountain out of a molehill.

Pity party, Party of 1. Right here.

Ok, I'm done bitching and moaning. For now.

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  1. Everyone deserves to bitch & moan at times! And I never thought of that for a baby. Actually, Simon has off days too so if it happens to a cat, clearly a baby isn't immune! I've been grumpy today too. In fact those were some of the first words out of my mouth. It's ok to wallow a bit!