Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good Life Choice

I made a good life choice today. You don't hear these words come out of my mouth very often. Regardless of how frequently it happens-- today, I did in fact make a good life choice.

I woke up at 5am when my alarm started blaring and got right up. Just walking to the bathroom I could tell my shins were not happy. They aren't CRAZY sore like last week (bonus!), but they are clearly not 100%.

So, instead of the normal Meagan post where I now tell you I talked myself into going to the gym anyway, I'm going to instead tell you all about how I made a good life choice.

So, I'm sitting there (literally-- tmi?) and going back and forth in my head like a lunatic. A little something like this:

-I mean, they don't hurt that bad.
-But, they hurt.
-But, not as bad as last week!
-But, last week was a bad life choice, remember?
-Oh yeah. Well, you could go to the gym and just elliptical.
-Yeah, but what are the odds of that happening? I mean- let's be honest. If you go to the gym, you're gonna run. Right?
-Yeah, I guess. Buuuut- you have 4.5 more miles (+ the 20 mile LR Saturday) to get in this week to hit a 50 mile week!
-Buuuuut-- what if you make the shins WORSE? You're already terrified of the big 2-0 Saturday. Do you really wanna make it a sore-shinned 20-miler?
-No, no I do not.

Back to bed I went.


Can yo believe it?

I skipped running because something didn't feel quite right. I went back to bed. I made a GOOD LIFE CHOICE.

Did I feel guilty and did it then take a while to fall back asleep because I was beating myself up a little? Yes. I admit it. But, baby steps, people. I made the choice-- AND stuck with it! I didn't get back up 10 minutes later. I fell back asleep and woke up an hour later. And you know what? It was glorious. The extra sleep felt amazing. My shins will thank me tomorrow and during my LR Saturday.

I'm 100% happy with my choice. Crazy how this insignificant and small of a choice can make you feel like you're FINALLY starting to learn.

You know the phrase you never regret a workout? Horseshit. Sometimes you can. If I had gone this morning I'm about 99.99% sure I would have run through the pain and felt 100x worse after and had CRAZY sore shins the next day or so. I would have regretted that. So, I didn't go. I skipped the workout. An unplanned rest day-- gasp!

Know what? The world didn't collapse. No one stopped breathing. My training won't go to hell. I'm still going strong. I know skipping today's run did more good than bad.

I made a good life choice. I'm learning.  


  1. You are learning!!!! Good job for listening to your body.

  2. i am SOOOOO proud of you =) I mean, I'm always proud of you...but I know how hard a decision this was, and how big of a step this is for you...and for that I am WAY PROUD!!! You know what, you deserve extra fro-yo, congrats love!!


  3. WahOOOOOOO! I'm super proud of you! I know it's hard - I'm sure it was even harder because you were already awake! Way to go! Last night, I was running in my new shoes and I felt a twinge in my foot. I kept running. More of a twinge. My plan was to run all four miles in them but ended up with three. Very happy I listened to my body and feel good today. Our bodies do know best!