Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (8/6-8/11)- Marathon Training Week 11

"There are times when you run a marathon and you wonder, Why am I doing this? But you take a drink of water, and around the next bend, you get your wind back, remember the finish line, and keep going."
-Steve Jobs

Weekly Workout Recap (8/6-8/11)- Marathon Training Week 11:
(Reminder: My actual workouts in RED, what my plan called for in BLUE)
Monday, 8.6- Spinning & 45 minutes elliptical & 4.5 mile walk with the Hubs {Spinning & 5 miles}
Tuesday, 8.7- 7 miles & 10 min. elliptical & 6.1 miles {Signature Strength}
Wednesday, 8.8- Spinning & 2.5 miles & 5.85 miles {Spinning & 5 miles}
Thursday, 8.9- Signature Strength & 2.25 miles {9 miles}
Friday, 8.20- 60 min elliptical {Rest}
Saturday, 8.11- 19 mile LR & 3 mile walk {19 mile LR}
Sunday, 8.12- 8 mile hike with the Hubs {60 minutes cross training}

Totals for Week 11:
43 Miles Run {38 Miles}
2 Spinning Classes {2 Spinning Classes}
1 Signature Strength Classes {1 Signature Strength Class}
115 Minutes on Elliptical {60 Minutes Cross Training}
7.5 Miles Walked
{None on Plan}
8 Miles Hiked {None on Plan}

0 Rest Day {1 Rest Day}

Week 11 of 19. In the books. Done. Finished.

How I Felt:

Body: Picked two-a-days back up in a big way with 5:30am & lunchtime workouts everyday Monday-Wednesday. Intense. Definitely felt it in my muscles by the end of the week. Legs tired, but not too sore, throughout the week. Saturday's LR and Sunday's hike trashed the legs and they're SCREAMING today.  
Mental: Felt good! First week in 2 weeks to get back to two-a-days. Boosts my confidence and makes me feel like I'm putting in 100% effort. It honestly wasn't even that hard to talk myself into getting up and hitting the gym at 5am because I knew I was doing my body and training good. Felt mentally weak going into the LR, but after the first few miles felt surprising great and mentally was totally in the game.
Energy Level: Soaring! Sleeping better than I have recently (maybe b/c the workouts picked back up and I'm exhausted by 9pm each night?). Feels great!
Hunger: Not as hungry as usual, minus Sunday. Sunday I had the post-long-run hunnnnnnger and it was not messing around! But, other than that, I felt pretty normal all week.

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