Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Long Run and Dip Cone

Phew! It's already Tuesday! Well, not sure if it's ALREADY Tuesday or it's ONLY Tuesday. We'll see. Today's a busy day at work... I'm teaching a class this fall (in addition to my normal 8-5 job as a Career Counselor) and have SO MUCH prep work to do. It should be fun, though. It's kinda an intro-to-college type class where I get to teach things like time management and how to research in the library and things like that. Should be fun. But, lots of work to do right now. Since it's my first time teaching I feel like I'm a little behind and basically like I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I'm sure it'll all come together, but the type-A of me is more than a little panicked right now.

Speaking of class.... I can't believe all the local high schools and the other BIG University in town starts school today. Crazy. Summer just flew by. The Hubs and I live very close to the other University in town, so we're basically surrounded by students, so it's been very active the past few days as students have been moving back and since they haven't had class yet, it's been party central lately. I'm OK with it... as long as I can't hear their music inside when I'm trying to sleep (I haven't) and there's no puke anywhere near my house or car (there hasn't been) and there's no stupid pranks/vandalism (there hasn't been)-- I'm cool with college kids being college kids.

Annnnnyway... it's a busy week, and it's coming right after a busy weekend. Let's recap...

Friday night the Hubs and I had dinner at home and then did our normal super-fun favorite Friday night activity: grocery shopping! How we managed to spend $100 this week is beyond me. I mean-- it's just ME AND HIM. How do we have such HUGE grocery bills? To be fair, we did have to get dish washer soap, laundry detergent, and a few other staples like that this week, but DAMN! Food is expensive! Anyway- we ended our Friday with a redbox. We're creatures of habit. I honestly can't even remember what we watched, so it couldn't have been that good or that bad.

Saturday I was up and out the door by 7:30am (got to leave a bit later than usual since we're in the middle of a fall-like cool wave). 13.5 miles. Nothing super noteworthy... except the fact that I averaged a (wait for it.....) freaking 8:54/mile pace!

SAY WHAAAAAT?!?!?! Me???? A sub 9-minute pace for 13 miles?? Woah. I'm kinda still in shock. I did have to stop a few times (2 bathroom stops, 2 water stops, 2 stoplight stops), but hey-- I'll freaking take it! It didn't even feel like I was dying or anything! I BROKE A 2:00 HALF MARATHON!!! It's freaking crazy. I'm trying not to think about it too much because I'm pretttttty sure it's a fluke and will never happen ever again. I'm so optimistic.

Anyway, after my run I got a free (woowoo! Love coupons!) iced coffee and walked the mile home. I'm loving the location of our new house. I love that I can walk out the door and run, be able to finish my run at a local coffee place, and then walk back. LOVE it. It might become a ritual. I'm sure the baristas will just loooove serving me coffee in all of my long-run sweaty glory every Saturday.

A quick shower later and the Hubs and I were off to go to an Art Fair with his parents and cousin + family. We bought 2 pieces of art that I'm obsessed with! I just got the get them framed, then I'll post them. I love them! After the Art Fair we went back to his parents and hung out, ate waaaaaay too much delicious food, and had s'more in the fire pit. PERFECT Saturday. Perfect.

Sunday the Hubs and I went for our longest (& we maintained our fastest average pace!)walk yet-- NINE miles! Wowza! Luckily, I felt fine! I think the lower Saturday LR and the post-LR cooldown walk helped with soreness, so my legs were totally fine. We walk actually flew by and we both were amazed when we were done how fast time went. Love our walks.

We went for Mexican food post-walk and then I only had on think on my mind: DIP CONE.

I was craving this like crazy. The Hubs joked that I was having a "runners craving" which he said he hopes is stronger than any future pregnancy craving might be because I really, really was craving this sucker. I even told the him before we pulled in that I would NOT be sharing, so he'd need to get himself one. Best wife ever right here. Anyway- it was SO good. Hit the spot. Sadly, I saw a billboard a few hours later with a picture of a dip cone and now I'm crazy another one. Already. DANGER.

Sunday night ended with dinner at home and some TV time. We tried a new-to-us recipe that was SOOOO good. SO good. Try it. You'll thank me. Well, I guess you'll thank, her... but, you can thank me too.

Monday was a busy day at work. I got 7.5 miles in on the TM before work and then another 5.75 on the indoor track at lunch. 13.25 miles on a Monday? I'll take it! I did 8-minute Abs and 8-minute Arms while dinner was cooking and then the Hubs and I went for a 4.5 mile walk (with a fro yo break in the middle of it!) after dinner. Excellent Monday. Great start to the week.

I woke up with sore arms today (thanks, 8-Minute Arms!) so I knew Signature Strength was going to be a struggle, but I made it through. After class I did a speeeedy 2.75 miles on the TM in 20:46. I was pretty much dying it was so fast. I had to step to the side to catch my breath a few times. My legs just weren't turning over that fast! It kicked my butt! But, since I can't go to the gym at lunch today, it was worth it.

The Hubs and I have big $2 burger/fries plans tonight after work! I gotta drop my wedding ring off to get re-plated too, so I'll be wedding-ring-less for a few days... weird! Anyway-- happy Tuesday!


  1. First of all I am glad that you are loving your new home now. I knew you would once you got settled in. :-)

    Great job on the run and the walk! You are getting into great shape. The walk would have killed me because I don't like walking all that much.