Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long Run by the Numbers

This weekend I had few goals in mind for my long run.

Goal #1: Don't die.
Goal #2: Finish 20 miles. Even if you have to walk. Just finish.
Goal #3: DON'T DIE.

See. Simple.

I decided Friday night to help increase my chances of all 3 goals to do the following:
1. Carb load. Enter Noodles and Company. My love. My long lost love, as after I moved to the same city the Hubs lived in I no longer had immediate access to Noodles. I cried. Ok, not really. But, close. Well, they FINALLY opened one in our town!! I cheered. Really. So, Friday I treated myself to my favorite Pad Thai. Delicious.

2. Nuun.

All the bloggers love them some Nuun. I decided I should finally bite the bullet and try it. I put 1/2 a tab in both 10 oz. water bottles I carry on my long runs. Verdict? Definitely tastes a little different... but, I REALLY liked it! I REALLY, reallllly liked it when I added ice to it. Definitely better super cold. Do I think it made any significant difference? Hard to tell, but I did manage to meet all 3 of my goals, so I'll call that a firm YES. I also did notice that despite the crazy hotter temps I wasn't caked in salt all over my face, so I do think it kept me better hydrated. I'll definitely use it again, but likely just for long runs since it's kinda pricey for my cheap-ass budget.

3. Fall asleep at 9:15pm. On a Friday night. BALLER.

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:20am knowing I HAD to be out the door by 6:45 and back by 10:15am, as I had to hit the road to meet the in-laws by 11:15. I was on a tight schedule with no wiggle room.

Fueled by 2 cookies, I set out with my Nuun, Garmin, and Brooks right at 6:45am.

Mile 1: 9:42
Mile 2: 9:36

I had to stop for an emergency porta potty stop between mile 1 and 2. Not a good sign for the upcoming run.

Mile 3: 9:30
Mile 4: 9:41

When I saw 9:41 beep on my watch (yes, I watch) I immediately started mentally convincing myself that this just wasn't going to be a good run. That it was OK if it sucked. I started writing this blog post in my head telling all about how shit-tastic I did. HELLO! I was only at mile 4! And, 9:41 isn't bad! it's pretty speedy for me! WTF was I thinking? I have no idea. But, I'm glad I snapped out of it pretty quick.

Mile 5: 9:39
Mile 6: 9:25
Mile 7: 9:10
Mile 8: 9:11
Mile 9: 9:11
Mile 10: 9:13
Mile 11: 9:20
Mile 12: 9:27
Mile 13: 9:29

Honestly, miles 5-13 were a blur. Nothing noteworthy. Someone yelled at me that I rocked and keep running. That almost never happens. A beer can thrown at me? Yes. A rabid dog running full force toward me? Yes. Positive words yelled? Never! But, fun!!

I stopped after mile 13 to refill/put ice in water bottles and throw water on my face.

Mile 14: 9:21
Mile 15: 9:33
Mile 16: 9:22
Mile 17: 9:43
Mile 18: 9:36
Mile 19: 9:54

I honestly didn't even mentally note when I crossed into new PDR territory... but, mile 19 was hard. My legs started cramping and I was so, so, sooo ready to be done. I was tired of running. I wasn't enjoying it. I was over it. I wanted to shower and sit down.

Mile 20: 9:47

Somehow my negative Nancy mindset cleared up in record speed and by the time I hit mile 20 I was SO BEYOND EXCITED to be running still. And, running kinda strong. I was amazed at myself and my body and my legs and everything around me. I kinda loved running like never before for a solid 1/2 mile. I loved every step and could have gone farther. But, no time! So, I called it at 21.

Mile 21: 9:27

Total Time: 3:19:38
Average Pace: 9:30/mile

I still cannot believe I ran that far. And, it 9:30s! WHAAAAT?!?!? And, I only stopped twice, both totally less than 4 minutes combined.

After I got home I immediately chugged a BIG glass of chocolate milk, showered and got ready to leave.

At some point when I was running I thought I could be a GENIUS and stretch while blow drying my hair. Whaaaaaat?!?!? That didn't work out so well. Mid-long run delusions at its finest.

I spent the rest of Saturday:
1. Relaxing with Matts fam (sans Matt as he was out of town visiting a friend)
2. Eating far, FAR too much delicious food
3. What's the phrase? RICE?? Well, I got the rest, ice, and compression part... But, I changed the E to a B.
Yup. The newest and best way to speed recovery is RICB. Rest, Ice, Compress, and Beer. You heard it here first.

Side note: Now that I have officially hit a "long enough long run to run a marathon" distance I am FREAKING out. Like, am I actually ready for this thing? I can't even fathom that.

Mind = Blown.

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  1. Awesome job Meagan!!! Your first 20 miles is always the hardest mentally, but once you do it once, you know you can do it again. Proud of you!!!!
    Love the RICB concept...might need to try that sometime. :-)