Friday, August 3, 2012

Name of the Day!!


I could not be more excited for this week to be OVER. Tomorrow marks 1 week since the big move and it's SLOWLY but surely starting to feel more like home. Last night the Hubs and I got some artwork up and we ordered a sofa table online which already shipped today! Have I mentioned how much I love Target? A lot. We're still in the process of getting curtains and I think once we get those and finish putting art work up, I'll finally start feeling more settled.

Yesterday was a fun day... I started the day off with 6.5 miles on the good ol' treadmill at the gym in 61:01:26 for a 9:27 average pace.

Not  my fastest, but definitely not my slowest. Thanks to the iPad, Netflix Instant, and season 1 of Felicity I wasn't even that bored. The treadmill and I have a love/hate relationship. After the run I did 10 minutes on the elliptical as a "cool down" before rushing to get ready and get to work on time. Hey... 10 more minutes of a workout far trumps actually getting to work looking presentable, right? :)

After work the Hubs and I cashed in a gift card that's been burning a hole in my wallet for months for Bonefish Grill. We shared the Bang, Bang Shrimp (DUH! If you ever go to Bonefish you HAVE to get the Bang, Bang Shrimp. HAVE TO. Trust me. You'll thank me.) and then I got the dumplings as my entree.

Mmm. So good. I love those dumplings. I had 2 left over, so the Hubs has a nice treat for a snack next week. Speaking of the Hubs, he got this amazing chicken with spinach and goat cheese dish. YUM. Everything at Bonefish is just delicious. Pricey, but delicious. Thanks for the giftcard, mother in law! You're the best!

You'd think after stuffing myself silly at Bonefish, I'd be good on the food-front. Well, first of all, if you really thought that clearly you don't know me. I'm never "good" on the food front. There's always, always, always room for (you guessed it) fro yo. Now, the Hubs and I have made a pact to limit our fro yo consumption to once during the week (usually Monday's during our weekly walk) and once on the weekend. Well, clearly we already got it once on Monday, buuuuut-- yesterday was different. It was special.

See! It was special! I HAD THE NAME OF THE DAY (spelling doesn't count)!! Mine was FREE. We HAD to go. I mean, c'mon. HAD TO. Plus, we decided we'd just count it as our weekend trip, since we'll be out and about all weekend anyway. Win, win.

We wrapped the night up with laundry and the Olympics. Oh! And, we put some pictures/artwork up around our house. YAY!

See those things on the walls? PICTURES! ON THE WALLS! YAY! And, that hamper there was a pretty monumental find, too. It's hiding this ugly mark on the wall. Do you  know how freaking hard it is to find a hamper that's over 30" tall? Freaking HARD. I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond twice, Target (where they had one, but it was like $80! WHAT?!?!), Wal-Mart, Burlington, Marshals, Meijer, 3 Goodwill's... phew! It was like the never ending hunt. I finally got this from a BBB on the otherside of town after finding it online. Thanks to a handy 20% coupon, this sucker was only like $30, plus we had store credit left over from the wedding. SCORE.

So, it was a pretty fun, low-key, low-cost night. Gift cards, name of the day, and store credit? I'll take it!

Today's a rest day (yay!). I've got a busy day at work to get through before going grocery shopping and baking cookies tonight. Tomorrow we're going to the in-laws to hang with some out-of-town relatives visiting for the day. There maybe some beach action involved. There will definitely be some cookie action involved.

Oh, and you know... before all that fun family/beach/cookie action I just have a super short 18 mile run to get in. NO. BIG. DEAL. I signed up for a 10K tomorrow (kinda spaced on it! Just realized-- CRAP! That's TOMORROW!), so I'm gonna get up crazy early to get 12 in BEFORE the 10K. AWESOME. Hey... at least it'll make those last 6 go by faster. And, the race is in walking distance from our house! Even EASIER. Can't beat that. It'll be my longest run evvvvver. We'll see if I survive. Oh, and then I have that whole Color Fun 5K Run thing Sunday. WTF was I thinking with 2 races back to back AND doing a 5K the day after a 18-miler? Not quite sure. Sometimes I'm not so smart. Whatever. It'll be a fun, sweat-filled weekend. MY FAVORITE! 

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Hilarious ecard- I agree with all of them. Is that bad I want to punch a co-worker in the face???? ;-)

    I really like shrimp so that dish sounds awesome to me!

    Congrats on getting free fro-yo. It makes me a little jealous. I haven't gotten fro yo in a while...maybe I can get some this weekend. It sounds so good right now.