Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (8/13-8/19)- Marathon Training Week 12

"Running has taught me to be patient, to trust the process, that anything worth doing is worth training for and doing well. It has made me a better wife, co-worker, friend, nurse, sister, daughter, and person in general. I have more self-confidence, drive, and compassion for others than I've ever known. My life is infinitely better since I started on this journey, and I don't see it coming to an end anytime soon."
-Andi Ball

Weekly Workout Recap (8/13-8/19)- Marathon Training Week  12:
(Reminder: My actual workouts in RED, what my plan called for in BLUE)
Monday, 8.13- 90 minutes elliptical {Spinning & 5 miles}
Tuesday, 8.14- Signature Strength & 5.25 miles {Signature Strength}
Wednesday, 8.15- Spinning & 2.5 miles & 6.25 miles {Spinning & 5 miles}
Thursday, 8.16- Spinning & 2.5 miles {6  miles}
Friday, 8.17- Rest {Rest}
Saturday, 8.18- 13.5 mile LR & 1.25 mile cool down walk {13 mile LR}
Sunday, 8.19- 9 mile walk with the Hubs {90 minutes cross training}

Totals for Week 11:
30 Miles Run {29  Miles}
2 Spinning Classes {2 Spinning Classes}
1 Signature Strength Classes {1 Signature Strength Class}
90 Minutes on Elliptical {60 Minutes Cross Training}
10.25 Miles Walked
{None on Plan}
1 Rest Day {1 Rest Day}

Week 12 of 19. In the books. Done. Finished. Only SEVEN weeks to go. Crazy talk.

How I Felt:

Body: Tried to stick to 2-a-Days, but this was also a cut-back week, so while I still got pretty good time in, not as many miles. I think that helped my body feel better. My shins were crazy sore Monday and Tuesday from the LR and the hike last weekend. By Wednesday the shins were back to 100%. Or so I thought. Thursday woke up and they were screaming again. ARGH! Overall, I think it was a perfect week to be a cut-back week and did my body some good to take a step back and chill a bit.
Mental: Nothing really to note.  
Energy Level: Pretty good. Still sleeping better than I have recently, so that helps.
Hunger: WOAH. Back up to crazy levels. I mean... crazy levels. Hungry ALL. THE. TIME. Out of control hunger. Unable to be satisfied hunger. As I type this, my stomach is growling. I just ate. I literally feel like I could eat non-stop. Out of control.

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