Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5.3 MILES!!

Woowoo!! Saturday I did my longest run in a LOOOONG time!!

I swear, I did 5.3 miles... stupid Garmin took FOREVER to catch satellite.
My longest run in a really, really, really long time.... probably close to 6 months? I could look up just how long if I really wanted to, but it'd probably depress me, so we'll skip that part.

Anyway- I ran. And it was awesome. Friday night I laid out all my clothes and charged the Garmin. The Hubs and I talked about it and he was more than cool with watching Baileybug while I got outta the house sans baby for a bit.

Then Saturday morning came. 6:30am alarm and I was up to feed Bailey, giddy at the idea of getting to run during her nap. But, then the Hubs came in with the bad news: it was snowing and really slippery out. Boooooooo. He was going to run an errand and so I decided I'd just do Jillian while he was out instead. While I was still nursing Bailey, the Hubs got back from his errand. Since he was back so quickly, I decided a run was meant to be, snow or no snow. I made up my mind: I was running.

So, I finished nurisng her, pumped and then was off. Gone are the days of waking up and being gone for a run before I even realize I'm awake. Tear!

Annnnnyway-- it was AMAZING. One of those can't-wipe-the-grin-off-my-face kinda runs. Now, that's not to say it was EASY. Not only was it cold, but it was also actively snowing and there was lots of snow on the ground, which doesn't make for an EASY run, even if I was at tip-top shape (which I am SOOOOO far from). But, I loved every second.

I set out for 3 miles. MAYBE 4. To do over 5 wasn't even a thought in my head really. But, I was just FEELING it. And, even better-- I felt like I could do more, but I didn't want to be crazy and push it too far.
I can't say it was a fast run. The 5.3 miles took me about 54 minutes. Definitely not the sub 9's I got myself down to pre-preggo. But, it 100% did not matter. Not even a little. It also wasn't easy. My legs felt heavy and like they weren't quite sure what I was asking them to do. But, I did it. And, I was PROUD of myself.
Throughout the run, Bailey was never far from my mind. I kept saying to myself "We don't stop when it gets hard. We push through." and imagining myself telling Bailey that when she's going through something hard. Cheesy? Sure. But, it's true and it's a VERY important lesson I want to teach my daughter. And, it worked. I pushed through. And I enjoyed the amazing runners high for the rest of the day!

I PLANNED to run Sunday, too. Buuuuut, my legs had other ideas. To say they were sore Sunday would be an drastic understatement. In fact, my entire body felt like it got hit by a truck. Maybe I pushed a little too hard? :) Oh well. It was worth it. Next weekend, I'm hoping for a Saturday AND a Sunday run. WAHOO!

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  1. Wahoo! Way to go! I'm super proud of you. I love your determination. Give lil' B a kiss for me :)