Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bit About The Blogger Survey

I'm going on about 4 hours of (broken up) sleep today. I'm already on my third cup of coffee, but even that's not doing the trick, so a oh-so-fun survey (made by this girl) is about as creative as I'm getting today.

Bit About The Blogger Survey
  • What was your go-to food or snack as a child?
I mean, obviously, junk food of any kind. I used to (and likely still do though I couldn't tell you the last time I had this exact one) LOVE Superpretzel's soft-pretzels. Yuuuuum.

  • What got you interested in health/fitness?
Wait... am I interested in health/fitness? I mean, I guess I am. Really, I'm just interested in sweating and being active. I started running by complete accident and just fell. in. love. with it. I think it's important to take care of ourselves and now, being a mom, it's taken on a whole new meaning knowing that I'm responsible for taking care of this teeny, tiny, perfect person and in order to take care of HER I have to take care of ME. I also really, really want to help teach Bailey how to be healthy and to (hopefully) enjoy sweating just as much as I do! :)

  • You’re stuck on an island for a month and can only eat three foods. What would they be?

Funny story-- the Hubs and I are re-watching Lost from the beginning (because we can't really watch anything live right now b/c anything we watch is paused 67 times per 15 minutes... oh the life with a newborn) and we just saw the episode where Charlie give Claire a pretend jar of peanut butter. Get it? They're actually (I mean, you know fictionally, but actually in the fictional show) stuck on an island. Never mind. Annnnnnyway-- peanut butter, ice cream (this island has a freezer, right?) and gummy frogs. I am so healthy.

  • Favorite and least favorite body part to train?
I suppose my favorite is legs? But-- really I only say that if running counts as training your legs.

My least favorite is also legs, though. I loathe lunges.

  • Favorite and least favorite health or fitness fads?
Errrr... favorite = running? Does that count? I suppose that's not really a fad. I guess I could say strength training for women. I feel like it's trendy now for women to lift and focus on strength over skinny. Even though I'm not a big strength training girl, I still appreciate the new focus on it.

Least favorite... everything? I don't get juicing or fasting or paleo or eating mashed up avocado on everything.

  • What is the hardest workout you have ever done?
Do people know the single hardest workout they've ever done? I mean, I guess the marathon. Does that count? Or maybe labor? Haha!!

  • What is the first movie that made you cry?
I don't know if it was the FIRST movie that made me cry, but I do vividly remember BALLING while watching My Girl. SOOOO sad!!!

  • Your #1 pet peeve?
Being late. Definitely gonna have to get over that one being a new mom. Being late is kinda inevitable.

  • Your dream job?
If I could work part-time (you know, with full benefits and have it be awesome paying) and stay home with Bailey part-time, that'd be PERFECT. For the out-of-house job, my dream job would be helping college students who don't know what they want to major in or what they want to do "with the rest of their life" (WHO PUTS THAT PRESSURE ON THEM?!?!?) figure it out.

  • Hairy arms or hairy legs?
What does this question even mean? Like, which would I like? I mean, I have hairy arms and shave my legs... soooo??? I don't get it??

Happy Wednesday! :)

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