Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bailey: 3 Month Update

I am completely aware that what I'm about to say everyone says, however, it is SO SO SO true. I cannot believe Bailey is already 3 months old. Time has flown by so incredible fast. I swear, I was at the hospital yesterday sure I wasn't in actual labor. It feels both like she was just born and like she's been part of my life forever at the same time. Also totally cliché, but each month just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to see what next month will bring!

And yet, here we are. 3 months later. Happy 3 month birthday, baby girl!

Age: Three months or if you wanna measure in weeks, 13 weeks and 1 day.

Weight/Height: Not sure about height... haven't had a doctor's appointment since her 1 month, where she was 21 inches long. Weight, however, I definitely know. She's been weighed about once a week since she was born at the breastfeeding support group meeting I've gone to each week. This is my last week going, as I go back to work this week. Tear! Anyway- Monday, 2/10 she clocked in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces!!! Girl finally broke the 9 pound mark!!! WOOWOO!! She's still a small lil' peanut, but she's consistently growing and gaining, which is all that matters to me. 

At 12 weeks, we've officially packed away all her newborn clothes and moved from NB size diapers to size 1. Everyone said I'd be said to pack away her NB clothes. I wasn't. Actually, she probably could have worn them for another week or so. I was just ready for some new wardrobe choices. :) It's about a million times more fun dressing her than it is dressing myself. 

Sleep: Yeaaaaah. I could lie and say "Sleep is going great!" just to look like I have the perfect baby, but that would be a big fat load of BS. I mean, Bailey is perfect (DUH!), but she is not the best sleeper. At the start of the month, she all but refused to sleep in her crib. We had many, MANY nights of me trying to put her to sleep for 3+ hours only to have us both in tears, me BEG her to go to sleep and then finally give up and let her sleep in the bouncy seat with me on the couch next to her. Mother of the Year award, right here. Then she went through a BIG growth spurt, nursing every hour from 5pm-midnight. My boobs felt like they were legit going to fall off. F-U-N. The last week or so (KNOCK ON WOOD!! SERIOUSLY -- GO KNOCK. NOW!) she's been getting a bit better... I'd love to say it's OMG SO GREAT and that she's sleeping through the night. Yeah. Nope. Not even a little. But, it's getting better. For now. :)

The last week or so we've gotten back into a decent rhythm. 7:15pm ish is bath time every other night. Then, at about 7:25pm we get into jammies, read a book or two and then nurse her. She falls asleep and I rock her for about 20 more minutes making sure she's OUT then putting her down in her crib (wahoo! She'll sleep in her crib again!! SMALL WIN!!) at about 8:25pm. I KNOW, I KNOW. Don't nurse a baby to sleep. Put baby down while drowsy, but awake. WHATEVER. Get off me. It's working for now. It's working for us. No apologies here. Some day I'll worry about her being able to put herself to sleep without nursing. Today is not that day. 

Overnight, she is still most definitely not sleeping through the night, but we're still pretty much on a 11:30pm, 3:30am, 6:30am schedule. Luckily, she still pretty much goes right back down after each feeding, so we're not up TOO long during those MOTN feedings. The Hubs still sometimes does the 11:30pm feeding via b-milk bottle and sometimes I nurse her. The worst is when she can't quite make it to 3:30 because if she eats any earlier than that, she won't make it to 6:30am and I've been working really hard to get her used to the 6:30am wake up and nurse call, as when I go back to work in 3 short days (booooo!!!) this'll have to be our routine. We'll see how that works... :)

Naps have also changed a lot this month. She used to be a pretty good napper. Now, she fights them with ALL her might. Girl just has too much to do to nap! Hopefully this is just a short phase and she'll go back to being a great napper soon. We'll see. 

Nursing: Again, nothing really new to report in this area. Nursing continues to go well. While B might not be a great sleeper or napper, she's a rockstar eater. Win some, lose some. Our nursing relationship is about to change BIG time with me going back to work... but, I'm hopeful we can keep going strong with the sessions we have together and I'll pump, pump, pump when she's at daycare. 

Likes: Her play mat. Girl has just recently really started PLAYING. She swats at her toys that hang above her while she lays on her play mat. She also LOVES looking at herself in the mirror hanging above her on the play mat, too. I could stare at her staring at herself for hours. She still loves warm baths, too. She also loves cooing/babbling to herself and to the Hubs and I. She'll almost have like a conversation with us where we'll say something to her and she'll coo then we say "Oh yeah? What else??" and she'll coo more. It's the most adorable thing ever in life. I'm obsessed.

Dislikes: Getting in her carseat. Girl just hates it. Once she's in and we get in the car and start moving (as long as she has her paci), she's OK. But, getting in that damn seat is a battle every. single. time.

Hit or Miss: The swing still. Sometimes she's OK with it, sometimes she's over it before she even starts swinging. She's also hit or miss with being worn. Again, sometimes she seems to like it and other times she cries from the moment I put her in it to the moment I pull her out of it. She's also sometimes OK with and sometimes way over her bumbo seat. We just started trying to have her sit in it for a few minutes a day to help her learn how to sit on her own. 

Special Moments/Milestones: FIRST SMILES!!! Melts my heart every single time. LOVE that little smile. LOOOOOVE. She's also cooing so much now. She had a lot of firsts this month... first long-car ride (6+ hours!), first weekend trip, first trip to the mall, etc. It's so fun realizing "Oh! This is her first time ______!!" Babies really are so incredibly fascinating.

Looking Forward To: Laughs/giggles. I can't wait. Oh, and maybe sleeping through the night? Wishful thinking? :)

NOT looking forward to: Going back to work. UGH! I KNOW I'm not designed to be a stay at home mom. I know that. However, I am not at all ready to leave her. I mean... I miss her when she naps for goodness sake! The idea of leaving her for 9+ hours each day makes me legit cry. I'm going to be a MESS Thursday. Let's not talk about it.

Happy 3 Month Birthday, Baileybug! You're loved more than I'll ever be able to explain. 

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