Saturday, February 15, 2014

What I LIKE About Being Back at Work

So, my last post was very woe-is-me. It was honest. I'm still NOT ready to be back at work, leaving Bailey each day. Simple as that. Buuuuuut, I do think it's important to note that it's not all terrible and tears. There are a few things that I admitting LIKE about being back at work...

- I get to eat lunch. Everyday. WOAH. Even more impressive? If it's supposed to be hot, I can eat it hot after only heating it up ONCE. This is exciting, people. There were days when I was on leave where Bailey was just NOT having a nap and not happy anywhere but in my arms. It's do-able, but not the easiest thing to eat holding a baby. Try eating something hot and the difficulty level goes up exponentially. Oh, and let's not even talk about how many times I had to heat and re-heat the same thing before actually being able to eat it sometimes.

- Lunch hour workouts. Guys. I might actually get to run again. Ok, ok-- this is a bit preemptive as I haven't ACTUALLY had any lunch hour workouts yet... but, I'm confident 2-3 per week are in my future.

- Daily adult interaction & getting out of the house everyday (we'll count that as 2 things!). This winter has been BEYOND brutal. Bailey and I were legit snowed in for days at a time. No walks. No seeing or even talking to other people. Now, I HAVE to get out of the house each day and HAVE to talk to lots of people. I'm a go-go-gooooo kinda person so these things are actually a good thing for my mental sanity.

Ok... so, maybe that's it. But, that's FOUR more things than I could think of before I went back to work. Progress, people.

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  1. This is true - it is four more things. The lunch work outs will be huge! I forgot how great they are. I did one last week and I thought to myself, "oh yeah, I do like these!". Also, adult interaction is healthy!