Friday, June 13, 2014

10 Thing Friday

1. This is a special edition of 15 Thing Friday called 10 Thing Friday because there's no way I'll be able to come up with 15 things. Blogging at its finest right here.

2. I have to get my wedding and engagement rings inspected every 6-months as part of the lifetime warranty. So, I took mine this week and they told me it needs to be replated or whatever. All I know is I am now ringless for approximately 3 weeks and it is WEIRD.
I keep freaking out when I'm washing my hands thinking they slipped off and are now down the drain. Wonder how weird it will feel when they're back on after being off for so long?

3. I got a shirt from Old Navy for $2.47. Score. But, how does this even happen? Like, this is a cute shirt, right? Why would it be so cheap? I'm suspicious.

4. I'm obsessed with Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi right now. So much better than regular Diet Pepsi. It just screams summer to me for some reason. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, watermelon and the smells of grass and sunscreen = summer. I'm weird.

5. Speaking of watermelon, Bailey and I have eaten an entire watermelon by ourselves in 5 days. And by Bailey and I, I really mean me as B eats like 1 small piece a day.
Zucchini and watermelon. Lunch of champions.
6. Apparently it's the World Cup. I only know this because of Facebook. Apparently everyone I know are suddenly HUGE soccer fans. Who knew?
7. I'm semi-crunchy about some stuff. I had a natural birth. We delayed cord cutting. We baby wear. I breastfeed. However, I'm not SUPER crunchy. No homebirth. No placenta eating. No cloth diapers. Anyway- regardless-- this shit is funny.  

8. Aw, crap. I didn't even make it to 10 things. Oh well. Happy Weekend!!

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