Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 6/15-6/21

Weekly Workout Recap: 6/15-6/21
Sunday, 6/15: None
Monday, 6/16: Bob Harper's 45-minute "Beginner's Weight Loss Transformation"
Tuesday, 6/17: 1.5 mile walk
Wednesday, 6/18: JM30DS 
Thursday, 6/19: JM30DS 
Friday, 6/20: Bob Harper's 45-minute "Beginner's Weight Loss Transformation"
Saturday, 6/21: 25 minutes of Bob Harpers DVD & 3+ hours of intense yard work (and I do mean intense... shoveling, mulching, moving logs, etc.)

I feel like I'm getting into a pretty solid routine and workouts are becoming the norm, not the "if I have time". It's definitely helpful that Bailey is becoming a pretty consistent napper and we have a good schedule down for the most part. Certainly not perfect, but decent. Not a ton of walks this week-- mother nature was pretty ragey and had thunderstorms on and off all week. Get it together, Mother Nature.

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  1. Haha, apparently mother nature didn't get the memo - it's POURING here.