Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two Thing Thursday

Two Things on my To-Do List:
1. Pick up my wedding ring from the jewelry store. I'm still ringless and it's weird and I don't like it! Glad my ring came back in. Now, I just gotta go pick it up!
Done! Picked it up yesterday! Crazy how naked I feel without it. Good to have it back. :)
2. Vacuum the apartment. Holy dog hair, Sadie. She is shedding like crazy right now. It's baaaaad. Poor Bailey is constantly covered in hair now that she's crawling and drooling (so it sticks to her-- niiiice!) like a madman.

Two Workouts this Week:
1. Biggest Loser Workout DVD.
Yep- still renting workout DVD's from the library. Only done this one once and it was just sorta OK. I'll do the next level up and see if it's any better. Oh- but, WOAH! Jillian and Bob look so young! Blast from the past!!

2. 8-Minute Abs. I didn't do 8-Minute Arms too because my arms were still in pain (not really sore.... maybe I tore something?) from the crazy outside yard work the Hubs and I did over the weekend (ps- what a great workout yard work is! I was SO sweaty. OMG. I loved it!!).

Two Things I am OVER this Week:
1. Bailey waking up at 5am. Woah girl. GO BACK TO SLEEP. I'm a morning person, but COME ON. 6:30am is early enough. Really.

2. The rain. The constant, downpour apocalypse style rain. We've gotten caught outside in it twice. Never fun to get caught in a downpour, but MUCH LESS FUN to get caught in a downpour with a baby. Plus, Sadie is a GIANT baby when it rains. She either hides under the bed, in the closet, or wants to be RIGHT NEXT TO YOU (though what else is new here?).

Two Things I Have or Am Going to Cook This Week:
1. Chicken Burritos!! Based loosely on this recipe. Really, I just cooked a couple chicken breasts in the crockpot with some taco seasoning. Then, I chopped and sautéed some peppers, onions, corn, and black beans. Combine and put in tortilla (flour for us), then grill on grill pan. Oh, and then eat LOTS of guac on the side. Yum. Mexican food is always a win.

2. Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. The Hubs has a family reunion this weekend and I volunteered to bring dessert! I'm planning to make 3 different kinds. I love baking!!

Two Shows I'm Watching:
1. Secret Life of the American Teenager. Ok, so this show is BAD. Like, really bad. Bad acting, bad story lines, bad drama, just bad. But, I'm hooked and gonna see it through. I'm watching an episode during Bailey's afternoon nap and sometimes after she goes to bed. I really don't like the show, but I'm invested. Thanks for the entertainment, Netflix Instant!

2. Lost. Yep. The Hubs and I are still making our way through Lost. We're in the middle of Season 3. Goodness, I love this show. I forgot how much. However, it is also really, really stupid at parts too and I definitely forgot how much. The smoke monster? Come on. Stupid. 
(Note: We're still cable-free and loving it! Great decision. Of course, the Hubs hasn't been faced with college basketball season yet, but so far, so good!)  

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  1. Lost will probably be my next tv show. Your dinner sounds delish! Secret trick that I saw on Pinterest so not that secret... Use one of those rubber squee-gee thing that you use to get the water off of windows and rake it across your carpets. It totally works. I vac first & then use the one I got from IKEA for $3.00 to pick up the extra hair the vac misses.