Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Favorite "Home" Workouts

Since having Bailey, my life has changed pretty darn dramatically. Someone else's needs are  without a doubt more important than mine. Long gone are the days of anything more than 6-hours of consecutive sleep. I don't even remember what sleeping past 6:30am feels like, let alone staying up past 10pm. The TV is rarely on these days and my Pandora station is Einstein Kids instead of Eminem (ok, it was never Eminem, but I thought you'd make fun of me if I said Britney Spears or Taylor Swift). Our living room looks like a toy store and I spend more time nursing in a day than I do on almost anything else. 

And, I wouldn't have it any other way. My life is 1000000% better today than it was pre-Bailey. I wouldn't trade it for a single thing. 

Buuuut, that doesn't mean it isn't different. And different isn't always easy. 

One big way my life has changed is my workouts. I simply cannot leave for a 3+ hour run right now. Baby's gotta eat and I'm her 24/7 cafeteria. Even though I pump and the hubs could give her a bottle, by 3 hours, I'd be so engorged and uncomfortable I could barely walk, let alone run. I also no longer work, which means no guaranteed lunch hour workouts. Runches, I miss you. And, since we've moved, we don't belong to a gym which means the elliptical is nothing but a distant memory. 

But, that doesn't mean I can't workout. It's just had to change. 1 small change among many lately. So, my workouts now look different. They look a lot more similar to what they did when I was on maternity leave, though I think the intensity is greater now and there are a LOOOOOT more walks. I love home workout DVDs. I also HATE home workout DVDs. They can be SOOOO hit or miss. And, I've tried about a million. Please tell me I'm not the only person who has bought a workout DVD because it looks good only to find that it was the worst $10 you ever spent because you can't watch the stupid DVD without wanting to punch the annoying lady in the face. Yeaaaaaah. Anyway-- to save you the trouble of trying to sift through the gazillion options to find a good one (& because this girl suggested I cover this topic), I thought I'd tell you my 4 favorite home workouts...

Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred
-GOOD, solid workout. This shit will make you sore. Or at least, it makes me sore. This workout is no joke.
-It's only 20 minutes. Quick and hardcore.
-Varied level of difficulty so good for a beginner or someone more experienced
-All the equipment you need is hand weights

-Leaves you sore! LOL. I just mean, it's difficult to do numerous days in a row because you will get sore.
-Can get repetitive after you've done it a gazillion times (though, at least there are 3 different levels, which mixes it up a lot better).
-Lots of jumping, which in a second floor apartment is kinda tough.
-You need a decent amount. Not a ton, but more than some of the others.

8-Minute Abs and 8-Minute Arms
-Quick! Who doesn't have 8 minutes? Or 16 if you do both? And it's really hard to talk yourself out of a workout when it's only 16 minutes. You've got 16 minutes. I promise.
-Easy moves & beginner (& advanced level) friendly. It's not "hard" per say. It's effective, but isn't going to make you not be able to move the next day.
-Hello. The classic 80s workout attire. Love, love, love. If nothing else, it's entertaining.

-Almost no space needed.
-No equipment except hand weights needed.

-Not the most intense workout.
-Repetitive after you've done is 987482 times. I can quote the entire thing like it's Wedding Crashers.
-LAME music.

Nike Training Club
-Easy to access, as it's right on my phone.
-Easy to vary (if you know what you're doing) to customize for you.
-Some of them (like the legs) don't need any equipment.
-They have videos to show you the moves if you don't know how to do one.
-You get to listen to your own music!

-Some of the moves require a lot of space, which my apartment doesn't really provide. Plus, it's a TON of jumping and living on the 2nd floor, I don't really like to do all that much (you're welcome, downstairs neighbor).

-Relaxing! And fresh air! And sun! Who doesn't love a walk?!? -Easy to do anywhere there's a sidewalk and don't need any equipment.

-When it's just Bailey and I and we're out for a solid 1.5 hours, it can get a bit boring. I admit it.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you wrote this post! You also do some great work out creations. I would be sweet if you created some and posted those too. We could all do them so then it's kind of like working out together. Not to mention, it would fit into random time constraints. I don't know why I still haven't done Jillian. I think I'm a bit intimidated. Or lazy. Or both. I love the long walks - I forget how great walks feel until I get home and realize I feel productive and better.