Friday, June 27, 2014

15 Thing Friday

1. The Hubs and I were playing with Bailey earlier this week and the Hubs declared Bailey needed some new toys as he was bored with her current ones. So, essentially he demanded that I go shopping. Tough life I lead. So, B and I went to Once Upon a Child (a second hand baby store) and Goodwill and got a 3 new toys for $8 total. WIN.

2. Bailey and I met a couple girlfriends (including this girl) at the beach last week. Baby's first sand and Lake Michigan experience!! FUN!!!!

3. Except when I got sunburned and looked like a lunatic with a gigantic rash all over. No, no. Just apparently the most uneven sunscreen job in the history of sunscreen. Way to go, Meagan. Way to go.

4. I'm a morning person, hands down. Mornings are my favorite. Give me a cup of coffee and let me play with Bailey on the floor at 7am and I am a happy, happy girl. Ask me to stay up til 11pm and I'll be one grumpy, tired girl. However, Bailey has decided she no longer likes a 6:30am wake up. Rather, she is up and at-em at 5am. NO, BAILEY, NO. 5am is TOO EARLY. GO BACK TO SLEEP. Ugh. I'm tiiiiiiiiired this week.

5. Seriously. Am I the only person in the world who doesn't care even a little bit about the World Cup? Or am I just the only person who isn't pretending to suddenly love soccer and care about the World Cup??

6. I really need to update the About Me section. I'm just way too lazy. Someday.

7. I'm trying to make an effort to care for myself better. You know, vitamins and remembering to brush my teeth everyday, etc. In said effort, I'm trying to improve my skin care routine. You know, from nonexistent to something. Before, I.... errr.... sometimes washed my face before bed. Usually with handsoap. Never in the morning. To be fair, I'm not wearing much makeup these days, so there's that. Anyway- I decided to start washing my face with facewash (woah!) every morning and night. ANNNND, I bought and have started using every morning my first wrinkle cream.
WOAH. I'm so old. And, yes- that is the Wal-Mart knockoff brand. FTW. Anyway- I really don't think I'm old or that I NEED an anti-wrinkle cream. I don't have any wrinkles and, while my general skin care routine is lacking, I do take good care to wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun (despite my rando-freak sunburn above), so I don't think my skin looks too bad overall. I'm just trying to be proactive. Yes, I am a freak.

8. Finally, Indiana. #loveislove

9. I have a buy one, get one free coupon for Noodles and Company. I'm beyond excited. You can never have enough Pad Thai in your life.

10. Sadies shedding has been OUT OF CONTROL lately. I mean, she has always shed. Like SHED, but OMG. Right now it's worse than it has even been and I think I know why: a little, 14 pound nugget who has learned to crawl and whose favorite thing in the whole world is to crawl up to Sadie and try to eat her-- her ears, foot, nose, you name it. I think she's shedding as pay back. Like "Oh, you're going to stick my ear in your mouth? Well, I'm going to leave so much hair all over the floor you'll be covered in it and because you're so drooly it'll stick to your face too! Bwahaha!" This is my life.

11. Think I might actually make it to 15 things?? I'm skeptical.
12. Yesterday I baked like a gazillion cookies and I only ate... well, not too many. I'm calling it success.
13. Bailey's favorite place to play: under the desk chair.  
That is, it's her favorite til she slams her head into the leg of the chair and starts freaking out. Not that she does that. Every. Single. Day.

14. And, yes. One of her favorite activities is trying to eat my shoes. I think it's the bright color? Yes, I let her. I mean- only for a second! And only the top part of the shoe. I mean, hello. I'm a good mother.
15. It's FRIDAY & I made it to 15!! Friday has a whole new meaning when you're a SAHM, but it's still FRIDAY! WAHOO!

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  1. A few things: I love how your hubby was bored with the toys & needed new ones, not B! Baby thigh rolls-adorable. Haha, your skin does look great, even with hand soap! But I hear ya on the preventative piece.