Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 6/22-6/28

Weekly Workout Recap: 6/22-6/28
Sunday, 6/22: 5.5 mile walk with Fam
Monday, 6/23: 8-Minute Abs
Tuesday, 6/24: Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD & 2 mile walk & 5 minutes of planks
Wednesday, 6/25: Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD & 7.5 mile walk (split into 3 separate walks-- 4.5, .5, and 2.5)
Thursday, 6/26: JM30DS & 3.5 mile walk & 3 mile run
Friday, 6/27: 3 mile walk
Saturday, 6/28: 2 mile walk

Meh. I'll be honest. This week I felt like I was kinda "phoning it in" as Jillian says, especially the first half of the week. I halfassed some of the workouts, only giving it minimal effort. I could blame it on Bailey going through some sorta mini-sleep regression. I could blame it on being tired. I could blame it on crappy weather. I could blame it on about a gazillion things, but truth is- I just wasn't feeling it. I still DID it... just didn't give it 100%. Although I did RUN! Yep. A whooping 3 miles. Woah. More on the running later. Anyway- hopefully it's just a little slump and this week I'll be back at it, full force.

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