Friday, June 6, 2014

15 Thing Friday

1. Our AC was broken when we moved into our new apartment. The maintenance guy has now been out 4 times and each time swears it's fixed. Nope. Still not fixed. I can't be mad though because the guy was like "each time I see you called in an issue I come to you first because I know you have this adorable little baby." Awwwww. Ok. Fine. I don't need working AC in 85*+ temps. (Edited to add: I started this post last week and never got around to adding enough to post it. The AC has since been fixed. THANK GOD.)

2. We started solids with Bailey. I won't go into much detail (on this post) but let me just say OMG the poop totally changes. Can we get the old poop back? Never thought I'd ever say a sentence like that.

3. It was the Hubs birthday yesterday. We're having his family bday dinner this weekend. I'm in charge of the dessert and when I asked him what he wanted he said an ice cream sundae bar. Who is he? Cake? Brownies? Cookies? Pie? Nah. I'm 100% cool with it and love ice cream, but I just find it so random. Maybe I'm the freak and it's totally normal?

4. Because of said dessert request, B and I have a mission today to find all things ice cream. Wish us luck.

5. Speaking of the Hubs birthday... he now works in an office where people celebrate birthdays and such (you know, instead of the 3 person office he used to work in). So, people bring donuts in for their birthdays to celebrate. 2 things about this... (see #6 & #7)
6. Why would the person whose birthday it is bring in donuts? Shouldn't the boss bring in donuts to celebrate their employees birthday or a co-worker or something? Just seems weird to me.
7. He didn't save me a donut. Epic fail. This calls for a Dunkin' expedition for me today. Totally justified.
8. #7 is pretty fitting as today is National Donut Day! Why are there and who invented all these random National Whatever Days? Don't we have enough holidays? Not that I'm complaining today. Hello. Donuts. Enough said.
9. Random fact of the day: There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people. The kangaroo population is estimated at about 40 million. (source)

10. I'm not one to get political or controversial via blog, but I kinda love this

11. Since I'm already going there, can I please tell you how freaking ANGRY it makes me that the world is OK with essentially naked pictures of Rihanna, but pictures of a mother breastfeeding her baby are controversial?
Why, world? Why? Baby's gotta eat. Rihanna's just naked. Which is fine. Be naked. Totally up to you. But, why are pics of this on FB ok, but pics of a mother breastfeeding are flagged as PORN? Seriously. I just don't get the world sometimes.

12. And, PS- I don't think her dress is "one of the most powerful feminist statements the pop world has made to date". I think it's a dress and she was trying to cause a stir and she did. End of story. Feminism is about a whole lot more than being mostly naked.

13. It's FRIDAY! Which doesn't mean a whole in the SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) world, but it DOES mean the Hubs is home all weekend which makes for a happy Meagan. I sorta like him still.
14. I'm ending with 14 because Bailey is battling naps because of a little terror named teething. UGH. I'm out. 

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  1. Oh my goodness - I had no idea that quote was out there about her dress. No. Just NO. And weird on the whole kangaroo deal! I think it's safe to say that the whole ice cream bar, while a fantastic idea would definitely come from a person whose phone belongs in 2000. Truth.