Monday, May 7, 2012


Woah! Sorry I kinda fell off the planet for a bit. Let’s do a quick recap since Thursday…

Thursday: Thursday was a crazy day. I had TONS and TONS of pent up energy from the moment I woke up, so I knew it was gonna be a heavy workout day. I didn’t quite anticipate HOW heavy, but my body was just craving sweat! So, I started the day off at 5am with a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical and 4.5 miles in the TM (9:17 average pace!). I did intervals of sorts… 2.5 miles on TM, 10 min. on elliptical, 1.5 miles on TM, 10 min. on elliptical, .5 mile on TM, 10 min. on elliptical. Then, during my lunch hour, I did 4.5 more miles on the indoor track in 9:32’s average pace. I didn’t really mean to keep it that quick, but just kinda zoned out and enjoyed the run. It was one of those “Weeee!!! I LOVE TO RUUUUUN!!!” kinda runs. LOVE those. THEN (b/c that wasn’t enough sweat in 1 day), I went to an hour spinning class after work. Well, that’s not entirely true. First, I made a pit stop for some pre-spinning fuel.
I mean... candy counts as pre-workout fuel, right?!?!

Then, I stopped by the local running store to get new shoes. 
Brooks Ravenas-- you're so good to me.

Then, I went to spinning. It’s SO weird going to an evening class at my gym. I see the SAME people EVERY morning, so I’m so used to that crowd and that morning-gym vibe. It’s SO much different at night.

Friday: Kept it light and easy because I knew I wanted to really push at the 5K the next day. So, I slept in and skipped my morning workout and just did 75 minutes on the elliptical at lunch. I was SO wrapped up in the book I was reading that I honestly didn’t even notice the time fly by. When I finally looked down I realized I was at 59 minutes, but I was in the middle of the chapter and I just COULD NOT put that book down, so I reset the machine and kept going for a few more minutes. This was my LAST workout at my campus gym for the next 2 weeks, as it closes between the Spring semester and Summer semester to do repairs and such. BUMMER! Hurry up, May 21!

Saturday: Rustic Hills Cinco de Mayo 5K! Buuut, before I could get to that I knew I wanted to get a few miles in first so I could count Saturday as my “long run” because I knew I wouldn’t be able to run Sunday. So, I did 6.3 miles early (for a Saturday). I was done before 8am and treated myself to my favorite—skinny iced vanilla late. YUM!
My favorite coffee chain (after Dunkin... duh) just opened a local branch and I could not resist. Luckily, it's RIGHT on my normal running route too. This could get dangerous to my wallet. I can count this a a running necessity right, Hubs??

Truth be told, I wasn’t happy with this run. I intentionally kept the pace around 10:00. I wanted it to be an easy, shake out-type run. I did keep the pace around 10:00… but, it took WAY more effort than it should have. I felt like I was PUSHING and I’d look down and I’d see 10:30’s on my Garmin and have to push even more. I finally fell into a groove around mile 5, but man I wish that run had been easier. It was my first run in my new shoes and I had the no-running day the day before, so I thought I’d FEEL better physically, too, and that didn’t really happen either. I felt tight and sore. Luckily, by the end I felt fine. Not every run can be a great one. I had only intended to do 5 miles, but got wrapped up in “YAY! I LOVE TO RUN!”, so I decided to do 6. Then, I misestimated how far my car was (whoops!), so it turned into 6.3. It took all I had not to run around my car 10000 times to make it an even 6.5.

After the morning run, a quick shower, and a McD’s run (Egg McMuffin, no ham), the Hubs and I made our way to his parents house for the Rustic Hills Cinco de Mayo 5K. This was a VERRRY small “race” but on and organized by my father-in-law with mostly his neighbors and other gym-friends of my in-laws, followed by a Cinco de Mayo party organized by my mother-in-law (best cook ever!!). We started the race at 10:30 with a “ready, set, go!” yell at a chalk start line. Told you it was small. We had about 20 participants total and less than half were actually running. But, it was a blast! I felt surprisingly great and managed a PR! 3.1 miles in 26:08 for a 8:25 pace. I was THRILLED with this! It was a crazy hilly course and I had already run that morning, so my legs were tired. Makes me really wonder what I could do on fresh legs and a flat and fun course. 
I got a trophy! First female, 2nd overall (some 14 year old boy WHOPPED my booty!). My father in law did GREAT too and got a PR w/ a 27-something! He ROCKED it!!

After the run, it was time for the FIESTA! I’m not sure which I was more excited about! Give me a plate filled with Mexican goodness and a corona and I am one happy camper.


It was a great day filled with family, friends, and running! Does it get any better?

We closed the weekend out by staying at my in-laws. Sunday morning the Hubs and I hit up a local outlet mall to do a little pre-Mother's Day shopping. I saw this and literally thought I heard the birds start to immediately chirp and the sun start to shine all at once.
The heavens were yelling at me "BUUUUY THIS!!!!"

We finished up the weekend by celebrating my father-in-laws birthday Sunday with burgers, fruit, veggies, and some delicious brownies. By the time we got back on Sunday night I was exhausted and ready for a weekend to recover from my weekend. Love those kinda weekends!

Now, it’s time to focus on this week and being ready for the 25K on Saturday. I’m trying to decide what my workouts this week should look like and such… tough decisions! I did a 60-minute spinning class this morning and then hopped on the treadmill and felt some immediately shin pain, so jumped right back off (LOOK HOW SMART I AM!!!). I’m hoping to do a few miles or some elliptical time at some point today, but we’ll see. My campus gym is closed, so that complicates things…we’ll see. Til then, I’m enjoying the quiet of a campus on “break” and catching up on some of my favorite running blogs.

Happy Monday! J

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