Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIAW: Round 2

Phew! I could not be more excited it's already Wednesday. That's not true... I'd be MUCH more excited if it was already Friday. But, since it is only Wednesday, it's time for another What I Ate Wednesday (via this girl's great idea).

As a reminder, this is everything I ate or drank Tuesday. Yestrerday was an odd day, food wise. It's finals week (poor students!) so there's random food EVERYWHERE. You'll see what I mean...

Breakfast: About 9am- The cafeteria at the school I work at is closing for the summer next week, so in honor of finals week and their closing, they do breakfast this week! Normally this wouldn't really interest me (I'm perfectly good w/ my greek yogurt, egg whites or oatmeal), but my boss treated so how could I say no?

An omlette (I'd guess about 2-3 eggs?) with green peppers, onion, and spinach. I added some of the FF Mozzerella I keep in my office at my desk. I tried to go as healthy as I could. I figured this was a better bet than... oh, you know... french toast sticks and bacon. :)

Morning Snack: That omlette did NOT fill me up and I was hungry again pretty much immediately. So, by 10am it was time for a snack: TEDDY GRAHMS! The chocolate chip kind.... it's the only way to go when it comes to Teddy Grahms.  

I did count out 1 serving (24 pieces at 130 calories). Yes, I am that OCD.

Lunch: Around 1:30pm- Remember when I told you my day's eats were weird today? Yeaaaah. Case in point: nachos for lunch.

Yup. SUPER healthy lunch, Meagan. Since it's finals week one of the offices here is having an event claled "Nacho Favorite Week". Get it? Sound out NA-CHO. Sounds kinda like "Not your". Get it?!?! Soooo clever. So, I had nachos. And, they were damn good! I ONLY had nachos since I knew those were definitely not exactly low in calories. 

Afternoon Snack: 3pm- Continuing on the streak of oh-so-healthy good, I couldn't resist the candy bowl that has appeared on every desk all over campus. Oh, Laffy Taffy's. You're so good!

I'm not really sure 3 teeeeny, tiny Laffy Taffy's count as a snack, but it's WIAW, so I'm listing it. And, yes-- I like the banana ones. No, scratch that-- I love the banana ones. So. Good.

Dinner: 6pm- I made dinner last night at home.

I roast every veggie we have (this time it was squash, zucchini, onion and broccoli) in the oven at 425* for 25 minutes-- no oil or seasoning or anything... I just spray the pan w/ no stick spray and that's it. Meanwhile, I cook chicken sausage links (this time I used Trader Joe's Jalapeño flavored sausages... soooo good! And, SO healthy! Low calories, high protein and fiber) on the George Foreman (to be fair, the sausages are pre-cooked... so, it's more like warming them up and giving them a grill-flair). I cook high fiber pasta and when everything's done mix it all together with low-fat jarred marinara sauce (we're so fancy) and add some goat cheese (the cheese melts and it gives FABULOUS flavor to the whole dish). Done! I had a small piece of garlic bread (put piece of bread w/ 2 sprays spray-butter under broiler for a few minutes, then rub a piece of garlic on it) and a glass of Moscato wine with it. Perfect dinner. YUM! And, definitely the healthiest thing I ate all day.

Dessert: About 7:30pm- You knew the healthy couldn't last through dessert, right?!?!?

1/2 a M&M cookie. Delicious!

Unpictured: Coffee, 2 diet pepsi's, 2 marshmellows w/ some low-fat peanut butter (random, I know... I forgot to take a pic... it was post-cookie, late night craving), lots of water, and 1 serving of Benefiber (per doctor's orders)

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