Friday, May 18, 2012

Weirdest Cornucopia Assortment of Food Ever

I tried out a new gym yesterday. The gym at my work was closed the past 2 weeks because they’re between spring and summer semester here and they needed to get some remodeling/construction/court resurfacing done. So, they offered staff and faculty who had a membership a one-week long free membership to another local gym to kinda compensate for our lost 2 weeks.

So, last night a co-worker of mine and I went to check it out. I have no intention of switching gyms, nor do I need to join ANOTHER gym (See! I really do know this, Hubs!) as I already belong to—cough, cough—two gyms. Plus all the race fees + running equipment + random other fitness not-so-cheap things. So, I went hoping I wouldn’t love it. Totally logical.

Maybe it was my “please-don’t-be-amazing” mind-set, maybe it was the gym… but, either way— I wasn’t mega impressed. They have NICE facilities and everything, but so does (one of) my current gym. We went to a 45-minute spinning class, and while the bikes are nicer, the instructor wasn’t as great as any of the ones I’ve had at my gym. It was a super sweaty session and it had a didgital read out, so it was nice to focus on keeping RPM’s at a certain level and stuff.

After the 45-minute sweat session, we went straight into a 75-minute yoga class. Now, I was hoping this would be more of an intense stretching session, as I already went to Signature Strength that morning and my arms and legs were already quite jello-ish. Lucky for me—I was dead on. It was a stretching-focused class (I’m not a yogi by any definition of the word, so I have NO idea what the proper term for the type of yoga we practiced was). But, again—I was disappointed. It was the least intense yoga class I’ve ever been to, in any form. The stretching wasn’t that intense and I never felt like I was really working any muscles. My co-worker felt the same way, so I know I wasn’t just crazy (this time… spoiler, this doesn’t last long). PLUUUUUS, the teacher was all YOGI intense. You know… all “the moon will be full tomorrow, so be sure to sleep on your left side so your zen can be fully exposed” blah, blah, blah. Clearly I’m not direct quoting her here… but, I just don’t dig when the a yoga teacher is clearly trying SO hard to be oh-so-yoga-hipster. I get it. You’re cool. Got it. Obviously, I’m not a yogi-kinda person, so it bugged me. My co-worker told me I was crazy (see! Told you it wouldn’t last long) and she was totally ok with the teacher and her style.

So, that’s that. I won’t be going back to the gym, unless maybe we get to go for free again.

I didn’t get home last night til 8:20—gasp! For a girl with a 9pm bedtime, this was shockingly late. PLUS, I hadn’t eaten dinner. Woah. For a girl who lives to eat, this was even more shocking. I’m never crazy hungry right after I work out, so I had a random assortment of crap for dinner. Yup, you read right. Complete crap. Air popped popcorn, an apple with peanut butter, and a weight watchers ice cream bar. The Hubs said I was eating the “weirdest cornucopia assortment of food ever”. I disagree... I've eaten WAY weirder foods. But, I’m OK with it.

I work up at 5am today with every intention of going to the gym, but I was CRAZY sore (I’m about 99% sure it’s from Signature Strength), so I decided to skip the workout. Uh huh—you read right. Skipped it. With no intention of making it up today. Random rest day—I love you so hard right now. My body needs it. Who I am to argue with it?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I gotta work all day Saturday, but other than that the Hubs and I have a fun-filled, but relaxing and NO traveling weekend planned... including this tonight...

Pure bliss.

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