Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have faith in you, legs.

Yesterday, I got to run. Not sure if you knew this, but I kinda love to run. So this was very exciting for me. My shins have been crazy sore since the 5K this weekend and I took Sunday and Monday completely off running. Tuesday I ran 3 ½ short miles, just to see how I felt. As I said—it wasn’t quite pain-free. Not terrible, but definitely still some nagging shin issues. ARGH!

Listen here, legs—it’s time for you to work and be pain free. Got it? Good.

So, yesterday I ran again. Yeah, yeah. I know. If I had pain Tuesday I should have taken Wednesday off. Not to mention the whole tapering thing. Whatever. I wanted to run. No, I needed to run. It was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS. So, I laced up the Brooks during my lunch hour and hit a local trail.

5 glorious miles later I felt like a new person. NO PAIN! Ok… that’s a slight exaggeration. There was very, very minimal pain. It felt more like stiff leg pain than shin splinty pain, though, so I’ll take it and call it a win. They weren’t fast miles (10:08ish average pace), but they were fabulous, glorious, much needed miles.

And then I woke up today.

With more pain.


C'mon, legs! What are you doing to me?!?!? WOOOORK with me! Please???

So, again—I took today off running and spent 60 boring minutes with the elliptical this morning. And, tomorrow I’m going to take a… wait for it… FULL REST DAY. Shocking, I know. And, I’m going to ice tonight. A lot. And tomorrow. A lot. Hopefully the ice and rest and probably some compression action will make for some healthy, ready to rock legs by Saturday’s race.

I have faith in you, legs. You are loved and I promise to be much better to you in the future. I’ll even treat you to a massage in the near future if you behave well on Saturday. Ball’s in your court.  

No, I did not run on the TM this week. This is an old pic. But, it's of my legs, so it seemed fitting. Just seeing this pic made me actually MISS the damn treadmill (gasp!). I just wanna ruuuuuuun.

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