Friday, May 11, 2012

Fro Yo and Flowers Make Everything Better

I didn’t run yesterday and I will not run today. This whole tapering thing pretty much blows.  BUUUT- I’m doing it. I’m really trying to let my body REST in prep for this 25K. And guess what? The legs feel pretty freaking awesome today. 

Yesterday I started the day off with an hour on the elliptical. Boring, but whatever. I had a busy day at work that that MUCH better when I got back from a meeting to these:

Just because flowers from the Hubs. Makes an otherwise kinda crummy taper-filled Thursday MUCH better.

After I got my special flower delivery, I had to leave work early because I had a dentist appointment. Uuuuugh.

I had a super old cavity that needed to be removed and fixed with a crown. OMG. SO painful. The dentist stopped at one point because she thought I was hyperventilating. I pretty much was. Ugh. SO painful. Seriously. 

After that torture, I knew three things were needed: a nap, lots of pain meds and fro yo.

Equal parts vanilla fro yo and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Much better. And totally healthy. Hello?!?! Peanut Butter??? Healthy. Totally.

I woke up this morning at SEVEN! WOAH! When you’re used to getting up at 5am, 7am feels like sleeping in and it felt great! However, my tooth didn’t seem to get the “YAY! It’s going to be a great day!” memo and started bitching immediately. Ugh. I decided a trip to a local coffee shop for a skinny vanilla latte and a bagel was in order… ya know… to start carb loading—for fuel

Amazing what a vanilla latte can do for your mood. It’s gonna be a great day!

Vanilla lattes aren't the only thing I'm drinking today, don't worry. I’m also hydrating like crazy.
Me and this water fountain (and the bathroom!) have been BFF’s the past 48 hours.

Hydrating? Check. Tapering? Check. Carb loading? Check. I also decided to wear flats to work today (& yesterday!) to help save the legs a lil’.

Look at me being all smart. Now, just a few hours of work, a drive to GR, and a night full of more carb loading stand between me and my first ever 25K.

Can’t wait!!!  


  1. Fro yo does make everything better. I swear! Tonight I had vanilla fro yo with strawberries, raspberries, yogurt chips, coconut & white chocolate sauce. :-)

  2. Love the "just because" flowers! The Hubs sure is a good egg - can't wait for him to help me plan my someday pirate wedding!

    Super proud of you for taking some rest and going easy on your legs! They will return the favor! I'm not going to spoil your 25k recap but just know I am so happy you were there!