Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Support System: I'm one lucky girl

Obviously having a support system is SO important when you’re training for something as massive as a marathon. The amount of time you put into training is monumental and it can be extremely emotionally, mentally, and oh-yeah physically daunting and exhausting. It’s SO important to have people around you who love and support you.

Before I decided I wanted to run a marathon and really put in the kinda training I want to put in towards it, the Hubs and I talked about it.
I have ZERO pics of the Hubs and I working out together, so this one'll have to do. We're on our honeymoon in Jamaica!! I WANNA GO BACK!!!

Newsflash—every mile I spend running is less time I spend at home with him. As newlyweds, I was concerned about this and was worried training would take too much together time away. I brought this up with the Hubs (as he would have never even thought about it… he’s such a guy) and he was immediately, without hesitation, 100% on board and supportive. He knows how important it is to me. He supports me. I knew he would be and I honestly wasn’t super concerned. The Hubs and I are verrrry independent people and we’ve never been (and will never be) the couple that has to spend every second of every day together. Just not us. We each have independent interests which works great for us. So, it was a pretty easy transition for us. Still, I try to keep balance as much as possible. I workout while the Hubs is still sleeping. I get up early on the weekends to get runs outta the way so we can spend time together. He works at it too. He ASKS about my runs and gets excited for me.
Text convo w/ the Hubs after the Little 2 1/2 Race.

He is my number one support and I couldn’t ask for anything better than him. Ok, enough sap.

Most people assume people’s spouses are supportive. It’s kinda a given (though that doesn’t make it mean any less! I love you, Hubs! THANK YOU!!). I am lucky enough to have LOTS of other mega supportive people...

Friends: I am SO lucky to have the most amazing friends. These are only a few of them, as putting pics of everyone would take

They support DURING runs. Btw, love this girl. Check out her blog. You'll love her too. 

They support by helping me EAT! 

And eat. And eat. And eat. For the record, my friend is PREGGO in this pic and we're both NOT posing for this pic. LOVE it. 

They help me laugh!

 They make sure we meet ALL our goals-- running or not! I would not have made it through grad school without this girl!!

Family: I have amazing siblings and in-laws and extended family and everything in between. Their love and support are just amazing!

I'd be lost without my sisters. They're my cheerleaders and I love them beyond words.

My in-law's, the Hubs and I after my father in laws first 10K and my  first 25K!  

Even my boss! Sometimes people ask me how I can go for a run in the middle of the day when I’m at work. Well, it wouldn’t be possible without my amazing boss. He’s SO supportive! He asks me about my training all the time, encourages me to go in the middle of the day, and even brings me in random readings about running! Yes, he still expects I get my job done 100% and that comes before running. For sure. But, he still supports me beyond employee-Meagan. And, THAT is incredible. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have this kinda environment to work in and this supportive of a supervisor.
This is a print out on running my boss asked his daughters sports medicine doc for when he was last there just for me. Seriously... how lucky am I?!?!

Morale of the incredibly long story? I have a bomb ass support system. I am SO lucky to have them. They have no idea how much their support means to me. I'd be lost without them. I try to thank them every time I can, so if you have a support system as great as mine (though I'd definitely argue mine is the BEST), remember to thank yours. Sometimes we get wrapped up in the shoes and Gu's and Garmin finding satelite-ness and the PHYSICAL stuff we need to run and we forget about the EMOTIONAL support our loved ones give us. So, today-- I'm intentionally focusing on that. And remembering to say THANK YOU to everyone who helps me along my marathon quest.


  1. awwwwwww!!!! :) my favorite part of this post was the text message. (surprisingly, not myself!!!)

  2. What an AWESOME post! I love it - the idea, the message - all of it! But yeah, that text message is damn cute! Thanks for the shout out but more importantly thanks for returning that support!

  3. You have an awesome support system girl! It is especially great that your hubby is so supportive because running/training really is time consuming. My hubby only runs to the fridge or for beer (LOL), but he loves that I run even though he sometimes he gets cranky when I go to bed early because I have to run 20 miles the next morning. On a lot of my long runs he will ride his bike with me and it is so nice to have him so he can carry my water and cheer me on. Sometimes he gets annoying when he says I am almost there so I might tell him to shove it. :-)