Friday, April 27, 2012



Ok… I didn’t exactly WIN… but, I did get 1st female AND 2nd overall!!! And, ok… so, this was only a verrrrry small (30 participants MAX) “race” the college I work at holds as a “stress reliever” for students/staff/faculty before finals week. No chips, a chalk start and finish line, no medals or port-a-potties or lines or Gu’s handed out or anything really “race” like. Still. I’ll take it. I WOOOOON!!!

Yes, a 8:43 average pace in a 2 ½ mile race did infact make me the first female finisher. No, that is not “fast” by many most people’s definitions. So what?!?! It’s fast for me! In fact, it’s the fastest I’ve ever ran outside. So, while in the past I would have disregarded this and say it’s not fast, there weren’t many other runners, I got lucky, etc.—today, I choose to be proud. I ran. 1st place, last place, fast, slow—whatever. I ran. So, I’m proud. Simple as that.]

(I also did a 1 mile warm up before the race started in 9:11, totalling for 3.5 miles before lunch.)

The race was free to particiapte in and as such, we didn't get t-shirts or medals or anything. Buuuut, I won! So, I got a lil' sumthin', sumthin'.

My “prize”—the coveted Intramural champtions t-shirt. I’ll take it—and wear it with pride! And, yes—I did then use this shirt to run in again later that day, so it didn’t even make it 5 hours sweated-in-less. Classic Meagan.

Post-race I treated myself to lunch out at a local grocery store’s salad bar. One my favorite places to grab a quick, healthy lunch. YUM!
Romanie lettuce, LOTS of cumcumbers, 4 small grilled chicken strips, and a litttttle bit of egg with FF Ranch. Fruit (pineapple, grapes, strawberries, and watermelon) on the side. YUM!!

The rest of the day was uneventful. I finished up my work day and then ran another, slooooow, WINDY (OMG!) 3 miles (30:48) after work. I tried to keep the pace intentionally slow. I was shooting for 10:30s. I averaged 10:16s, so pretty close. I was honestly the most surprised how intentional I had to be to stay that slow, even against some craaaazy winds. Kinda a nice feeling.

I had every intention of then waking up this morning and going to the gym before work for a few TM miles and some quality Elliptical time. But, when I woke up to pee in the middle of the time and I got outta bed my legs immediately SCREAMED. Like, OMG. They haven’t been this sore in a long, long time. WAY, WAAAY more sore than after Monday’s 16 miler. No clue why. But, I veto-ed the morning workout. Look at me, being all smart-Meagan. I iced my shins this morning and am wearing compression leg-sleeves all day today. Hopefully the rest (hey—a few hours off counts as rest, right?), ice, and compression will do wonders. I’m debating doing some ellipticalling later this afternoon… we’ll see.

Tonight the Hubs and I are going to our FAVORITE Italian place and I could not be more excited! Whether I get to run today or not (likely not), nothing can spoil how excited I am gorge on some bread, pasta, and all other things Italian. And there will likely be some fro-yo post-carb loading session. I mean, I'm just being honest. Come on 6pm… J

Tomorrow I’m HOPING to do a long run. Mother Nature seems to have other things on her mind—rain, wind, and cold. We’ll see. I don’t have any plans Sunday, so I might just gym-it tomorrow and LR it Sunday. Decisions, decisions.

If this and what kinda pasta to order tonight are the hardest decision I have to make today, I’m gonna go ahead and call this day a win.  


  1. OH MY GOSH! I am soooo proud of you! Way to go! First place is FIRST PLACE! You did amazing and YOU should be proud! And 8:43?! WOW! That is awesome - I am both excited and a bit jealous ;)

    Also, way to take some time if your legs are hurting - running through injuries is not good. Take it from someone who has done it and then had to start over.

    Way to go!!!

    1. AW! Thanks!!! :)

      I'm trying to be smart and remind myself I'd rather run the marathon than run today if something hurts. Key word-- TRY. ;)