Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Yoga Class That Wasn’t and Gross Gu

Last night the Hubs had to work late. It also happened to be the first Tuesday of the month so a local yoga studio had all their classes for a discounted rate—which was still a whopping $8/class. I realize to some $8/class might be a bargain. For me, it’s robbery. Earth shattering robbery. Nevertheless, I’ve been dying to try a hot yoga class and this is the only local studio that offers it. And, they had a class from 7:15-8:45 last night. Seemed perfect! Seemed being the key word. I left work at 5:30 and on my way home debated with myself the whole drive. The internal conversation went something like this...

“YAY! I can try Hot Yoga tonight!”
“But, it’s still EIGHT DOLLARS a class. That’s SO pricey! Too pricey. I won’t go.”
“But I really wanna try it! Go! Ok, I’ll go.”
“But what if you LIKE it? How are you going to afford going more often? Stupid. Don’t go. Not going.”
“Not going.”
“Not going.”
“Not going.”

You get it. I ended up not going. I decided the money wasn’t worth it right now. Plus, I had already gone to a crazy intense Signature Strength class that morning and walked for an hour at lunch. I was beat. So, I decided to do the next best thing: Shop! I made a pit stop on the way by Dick’s Sporting Goods to get a handheld water bottle/ID holder thing and some chomps. And then I saw this:

I knew I had to get it. I normally don't go for Gu's... they upset my tummy and NO they do NOT taste like frosting. I figure, if I'm gonna EAT when I run I better eat something I'm gonna LIKE, so usually I go for Chomps or Sports Beans. But, this-- I couldn't resist. I. LOVE. PEANUT BUTTER. It’s a full on addiction.

Anyway-- I texted the Hubs this pic thinking he’d be so excited for me that I found a way to incorporate PB INTO my runs, not just have it post or and pre-run. Yeaaaaah.

Hubs: Gross. You’re going to eat that while you’re running? 
Me: Haha! Yup!
Hubs: Gross.
Me: I just wanna try it!
Hubs: Only you would want peanut butter while running. Gross.

Don’t think he’ll be stealing this sucker anytime soon. I’m excited to try it on my next long run. I’ll keep you posted!

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