Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here goes nothing

Wow… the first post is more awkward to write than I would’ve thought! So—my name is Meagan and I’m essentially a pretty normal girl. I suppose I should try to explain why I want to blog. I mean—can’t I just tell the people I love everything I’m writing and save the time I spend writing on something else? Nah! Too easy. So, I’m mainly starting this blog as a way to track the marathon training process. I’ve been reading running and other similar blogs since I started running and figured and it seems like a lot of them started to help keep themselves accountable—so, I figured why not start my own to give it a try? So, I'm hoping this blog will help me capture memories and to help keep myself accountable as I begin a journey toward my first marathon. Will I post frequently? We’ll see. Will I be witty and funny? Meh… not likely. Will I be coherent? Some of the time. Will I use proper grammar? Pretty much none of the time. Will anyone besides me read this? Not likely... and, yes— I am counting the Hubs. Regardless… here goes nothing!

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