Friday, April 13, 2012

The family that builds stuff together, stays together

Last night the Hubs and I entered the real adult world. We put a head board on our bed. For some reason, having a headboard makes me feel much more grown up. Just me?

The night started with a little of this.

Now, if it were just me doing this, there’s no way instructions would be used. I know they say MEN never read the directions… clearly they haven’t met me. Or my husband. He reads, I just dive in. Opposites attract, right?

Ok, ok… I’ll be honest. This wasn’t as much of a group project as much as it was the Hubs working me and advising taking pictures. Lucky man.

It was really quick and super easy to “assemble”. We basically just pulled it out of the HUGE box (that I carried up to our apartment BY MYSELF! I’m so strong!) and attached it to our metal bedframe. Easy peasy. 10 minutes later, donzo. We're grown ups all the sudden. Woah.

And, I really did help. I swear.


  1. Looks awesome!!!!!! We still have not done ours yet. This weekend maybe?!

  2. Looking goooooood!! =) and agreed, as soon as we got our headboard we entered the adult 'baby making' world...welcome!! ;-)