Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rain, rain go away

Yesterday ended as good as any day can: chips, salsa, and margaritas! A few other colleagues and I went to a local Mexican place, Hacienda, as a "goodbye dinner" for my lunch buddy. I refused to call it a goodbye anything, as I told her I was forcing her to still meet me for lunch every tether week or so. Poor girl. We started by eating our weights in chips and salsa, sipping on orange/strawberry margaritas, and (of course) lots of girl talk.

I had the black bean quesadilla for dinner. Soooo good.


And, of course, I finished off 2 of these.

After dinner I went home and the Hubs and I watched some random movie and I passed out promptly by 9:30. Wooooah. That's right-- I stayed up LATE. ;) 

Today I'm working an event for work from 7am til about noon. I had big plans for an outdoor run after, but mother nature seems to have other ideas.

So, I think I'll go for a run at the indoor track since I'm on campus anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to get outside for a nice long run tomorrow, though the forecast isn't looking too hot.

I have 5 or 6 on the plan for today and 12 or 13 for tomorrow (depending on weather... No way can I do that many inside. No way.). Tonight we're going to a movie with a few friends, so that should be fun! Hopefully I'll even be able to get a nap and ya know... maybe a shower... in before the movie. Buuuuut, let's be honet. Nap trumps shower any day. The Hubs is such a lucky guy. ;)

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